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What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series X and S have been revealed, and are launching later this year on November 10, 2020.
  • Microsoft is launching their own accessories, and partnering with third-party companies through their Designed for Xbox program.
  • PowerA is one of these companies, and has unveiled their line-up of accessories for the next-gen Xbox's.
  • The line-up includes new controllers, rechargeable battery packs, and charging stands for your Xbox controllers.

It's official, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are landing on November 10, 2020, ushering in the next generation of console gaming. Alongside the new hardware will also come new officially licensed accessories like controllers, headsets, and more. Gaming accessory company PowerA won't be left behind here, and has unveiled their line-up of Designed for Xbox gaming accessories that will launch on November 10, 2020, right with the new Xbox consoles. Interested gamers can pre-order right now.

The new accessories revealed by PowerA include:

Enhanced gaming

Powera Xbox Series X Accessories

Enhanced Wired Controller (Pre-order)

Next-gen features plus more.

PowerA's new Xbox controller is compatible with Xbox Series X and S, as well as all Xbox One consoles. It features the dedicated share button and the classic ergonomics of Xbox controllers, but also includes a wheel for muting or changing the volume on your headset, and two extra buttons along the back. Available in 11 different colors.

Renewed power

Powera Xbox Series X Accessories

Play & Charge Kit

Forget the AA's.

The new Xbox controllers still use AA batteries to juice up, but with PowerA's Play & Charge Kit you can leave those behind and instead top up your controller with a charger whenever it gets low. This kit includes two batteries (so you can keep one charging) and four battery doors (two for Xbox Series X and S, two for Xbox One) so it's compatible across generations.

Wire-free charging

Powera Xbox Series X Accessories

Charging Stand

Forget the AA's...and the wires.

PowerA's charging stand includes a single rechargeable battery and a battery door for Xbox Series X and S, as well as Xbox One controllers, so you can charge with ease no matter what generation you're gaming on. Forget about wires and simply secure your controller on top of the charging stand.

The complete package

Powera Xbox Series X Accessories

Dual Charging Station

Double charging action.

Love PowerA's charging station, but have more than one controller? The Dual Charging Station takes everything great about the single but, well, doubles it, including two rechargeable batteries and a total of four battery doors (two for Xbox Series X and S, two for Xbox One). Once your controllers are all decked out with their new batteries, you can even charge them both at the same time.

If any of these new accessories captured your attention, you can pre-order from both PowerA and Amazon right now, with the accessories officially launching on November 10 (you guessed it, that's also the release date of the new Xbox consoles). The controllers cater to gamers who still prefer a wired connection and add some key features to give you the edge, while PowerA's charging accessories aim to keep your controllers energized without a big price tag.

The only thing missing here is one of the best headsets for Xbox Series X and S, but we've got you covered there.

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