Where to buy Xbox Series X, Series S new controllers and accessories

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S Controllers
Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S Controllers (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has started rolling out Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S preorders across the globe, providing the first opportunity to lock down its next-generation consoles ahead of their November arrival. The company has laid out a staged approach, with retailers appearing online on a per-region basis, and the flagship Xbox Series X is already proving hard to find. Preorders for the U.S. are now open, costing $499 for Xbox Series X, with the Xbox Series S at $299.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S also launch alongside a new generation of official accessories, including a new Xbox controller. The latest gamepad brings a revised design, a dedicated "Share" button, and shipping in three distinct colorways at launch. Microsoft has also unveiled its USB-C charging kit, with more accessories on the horizon. We've rounded up all the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S accessories and where you can preorder them in the U.S. and beyond.

Xbox Wireless Controller — Shock Blue

Microsoft launches the new generation of Xbox controllers designed for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with a vibrant "Shock Blue" colorway. It comes in stark contrast to the muted black and white tones of the consoles themselves, featuring a popping blue faceplate, black bumpers, and triggers, with a white rear panel. This azure-tinted variant spices up your setup this holiday, while still experiencing the latest from its new gamepad design.

Xbox Wireless Controller — Robot White

Microsoft debuts Xbox Series S with a sleek all-white spin on its redesigned wireless controller. The white controller is also available as a standalone purchase, in case you want a second controller.

Xbox Wireless Controller — Carbon Black

Microsoft also launches Xbox Series X's included controller for standalone purchase, featuring the same matte "carbon" black colorway as the flagship. The design provides a more subtle option when looking to pair up an extra controller to the new console.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers still rely on AA batteries for power, but Microsoft's battery add-on kit provides a rechargeable solution. This revision fits the new Xbox controller design, with an includes USB-C cable to accommodate the new, modernized charging port.

Next-gen headsets

The new Turtle Beach headsets have gotten a refresh just in time for the Xbox Series X and Series S, while also maintaining compatibility with the Xbox One consoles of yesteryear. The Stealth 700 Gen 2 supports Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless, letting you mix audio from a phone or compatible laptop simultaneously with your Xbox console. The Stealth 600 drops Bluetooth for a more accessible price point, although it looks a little less "sexy" than the 700 Gen 2, at least in my book. To note, your current best Xbox One headset will still work on Xbox Series X and S too.

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