PowerToys now lets you mute your webcam or microphone on Windows 10

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Logitech C922 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • PowerToys has an experimental feature that lets you mute your microphone or camera with keystrokes.
  • The feature works regardless of which camera you use.
  • The feature is available in the Experimental v0.22.0 of PowerToys.

PowerToys has a handy new feature that allows you to easily mute your microphone or video. The feature is currently in the Experimental v0.22.0 of PowerToys, which you can install for free through the app's GitHub page. The feature also requires that you're on Windows 10 version 1903 or later.

Even if you grab the best webcam for Windows PCs you won't want to appear on it all the time. With the new feature for PowerToys, you can mute your microphone or "mute" your webcam, regardless of the app that you're using.

The team behind PowerToys has worked on this feature since early this summer. The feature allows you to mute your microphone, camera, or both, with a keystroke. When you're camera is in use, and the feature is enabled, you'll see a dialog on your screen to let you know if your microphone and camera are on.

To use the feature, you need to set your camera to "PowerToys camera." This still uses your hardware of choice, which you can set up in the PowerToys app. The PowerToys GitHub page explains how the feature works, including how it works behind the scenes.

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  • I'd like the reverse of this: something that lets me lock the microphone to prevent all Windows applications from changing the microphone volume. Some apps include this as an option in the app, but not all (e.g., Skype does, Teams does not), and nothing should change my hardware settings without my permission.
    Lack of this feature has ruined more meetings than any other single issue as my mic volume is forcibly adjusted too low. I can manually set the levels back up in the old Sound Control Panel applet, but then it's immediately lowered again. One of the WORST PROBLEMS IN WINDOWS as far as I'm concerned. This has been a problem on nearly every non-laptop computer I've ever used. It's amazing to me that after a decade+ of significant complaints on the Internet about this, there's still no Microsoft solution (best work-around I've found is to install a 3rd party virtual audio device with no mic adjustment levels that the mic routes through, so when apps try to adjust volume, they can't do anything, but this is a poor work-around with its own issues).
  • So far have beeen good at following your instructions how to get rid of Quick Access. Untill the last operation........I change the attributes numbers but it says.............Cannot edit Attributes : Error writing the new content .........What have I done wrong I am also TRYING to replace my camera that has gone walkabout ? the system says its just not here lol I have windows 10 on a Acer 3in 1 desktop
    Love your presentation
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