Pre-download the World of Tanks beta on Xbox One to get an extra tank

Ahead of its Xbox One testing period this weekend, the beta version of World of Tanks is now available for download from the Xbox Store. Those that pre-download will be able to access a bonus tank, the T1E6-X1. This new tank is only available before the full release of World of Tanks on the Xbox One on July 28.

World of Tanks is a popular tank battle game that found an enthusiastic audience on the Xbox 360. In fact, the Xbox One version of the game features cross-platform play compatibility with the Xbox 360, letting you play with your friends still on the older console.

You can get the World of Tanks Pre-Download with Bonus Tank from the Xbox Store now for free.

Get the World of Tanks Pre-download from the Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

Joseph Keller
  • Tanks for writing this article.
  • Tubecast just updated with 360 Video support. But still can't figure out how to use it..., any help please?
  • this is what the forums are for:)
  • Please help me if you can!
  • Stay tuned.
  • Thanks Daniel. You are awesome :)
  • You need to download Video 360 from the same developer. Hitting the 360 button will launch that video in that app, and currently Video 360 has a 20 video limit on the trial. The full app is $1.99.
  • started the download @ midnight.  looking forward to playing this over the weekend:)
  • Nice to see tanks getting some love here. I've been playing on the 360 for a long time, WG have been working hard with some great updates lately. time to splash out on an xbone soon me thinks... Greatest game around. Just my opinion (gt tatteredtie949)
  • Awesome !!!!!!!
  • I love this game I play on PC
  • b
  • I'm excited for this. =D
  • Can s​omeone help me out. What time is 11:00PT time in central US time? Thanks ahead of time.
  • Done
  • It's a bit like Pokemon... with tanks! Gotta collect 'em all!
  • Downloaded. What time does beta start?? Anxious to move from 360 to One
  • I can't find this in the XBox One store at all. Just the XBox 360 certain plus some expansion packs. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any assistance