We try to remember our U.K. friends form time to time, and this is one of those times. Tracy & Matt have noticed that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 already is available for pre-order from British dealer Clove for 360 pounds, or about $500 U.S. That's without the British Value Added Tax, which increases the price to 414 pounds, or closer to $600.

That's all sans carrier contract and subsidy, which is the norm many places outside the United States. Clove notes that it expects to have the Touch Diamond 2 in stock in mid- to late-March. If you're tempted to import one of these guys, do note that it's lacking the U.S. 3G bands, as did the original Diamond when first released.

As for a U.S. release? We're sure willing to bet it's coming, just not when and to which carriers. Though if we could snag it unlocked for $500, that'd be nice, too.

Update: Tilt Mobility notes that the Touch Pro 2 also is up for pre-order. 450 British pounds ($639 U.S.) before the VAT, 517.50 pounds ($735 U.S.) after.