Linksys Xbox gaming router (WRT32XB) is now available for preorder

Announced previously at CES, Linksys is now taking preorders for the world's first Xbox-focused gaming router right here on Amazon for $250.

The WRT32XB router is an off-shoot of its WRT32X model, with built-in prioritization for Xbox-specific traffic. Microsoft's Xbox requires specific ports to be open in order to function optimally, and while you can configure this yourself, it can be tricky depending on your network set up and router model.

The Linksys Xbox WRT32XB will handle all of the boring stuff out of the box, while sporting an array of nifty optimizations and other features to give you killer connectivity.

The WRT32XB detects and prioritizes Xbox traffic in partnership with Killer Wireless. Linksys says that its speedy dual-core processor and custom firmware also provide a quality user experience when it comes to customization menus, complete with professional-grade 3.2 GBps WiFi capacity. It also comes with four ethernet ports for high-speed wired access, and eSATA for network connected storage for you media server fans out there.

We haven't tested this router ourselves, but reviews of its WRT32X cousin have been fairly positive. It's essentially the same router, configured for Xbox out of the box. Linksys says the Killer optimization engine can reduce ping latency by up to 65% in some scenarios, which will certainly prove advantageous for competitive multiplayer games.

You can grab the WRT32XB for $250, preorders will begin shipping on May 15, 2018.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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