Prepare for World of Warcraft: Legion with a new MMO gaming mouse

World of Warcraft's sixth expansion is due to be released later this month and should you be a returning player, new player, or one that's been with the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game all along, it might be time for a new mouse. Let's take a look at some mice you can buy today that will help with controlling your character on-screen and handling the massive number of abilities at hand.

Keyboards are important when it comes to PC gaming, but equally so are mice. There are a variety of options available from various manufacturers that are specifically designed for MMORPGs, sporting responsive functionality and an array of side buttons to aid with the 5,000 abilities one has to have ready-to-go at any given time.

So whether you're waiting for Legion to hit, or are looking to get into another MMO, we've rounded up some great examples of what you could next invest in. When it comes to buying a mouse, there is never a best option for everyone — you should go for whichever is most comfortable for your play style and offers useful features you'll be able to take advantage of.

Razer Naga Epic Chroma

Razer Naga Epic Chroma

The Naga Epic Chroma is the wireless version of Razer's Naga Chroma mouse. It's specifically designed – much like other mice in this category – for players who enjoy MMO games. Ergonomically refined over the years, the Naga Epic Chroma is comfortable to hold and can be customized to the liking of the owner, be it lighting, sensitivity and other available options.

12 programmable thumb buttons are conveniently located on the side of the 8200 DPI-capable mouse, which can be configured using the company's Synapse suite. There's also a tilt-click scroll wheel, and the total number of buttons available totals 19, which should prove useful when it comes to managing abilities and spells in-game.

And since it's a wireless mouse, you'll not be tied to your PC with a cable and to charge the Naga Epic Chroma you need but plug in the supplied USB cable that'll keep you connected without leaving the guild just before a raid commences. It's slightly pricey at $128, but the quality of the mouse will ensure you have countless hours of game time.

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Logitech G600

Logitech G600 MMO

12 programmable buttons on the side aren't enough? If so then Logitech may have the perfect alternative with the G600 MMO gaming mouse. Featuring four lines of three angled buttons for prompt thumb activation, and there's even a unique G-shift button for the ring finger that doubles the number of actions each button can carry out.

The sensor can be configured up to DPI levels of 8200, much like Razer's Naga Epic Chroma, and as is usually the case with gaming peripherals you can customize lighting to match the ambience created by your tower unit. Interestingly, the G600 comes with on-board storage for profile settings, thus eliminating the requirement for software and ensures you're able to access up to three profiles without spending time to download and installing programs.

The G600 can be purchased in either black or white, depending on which goes with your PC setup, though it's worth noting that the latter variant will set you back a further $4. Pricing starts at $39.99.

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Bloody ML160

Bloody ML160

But perhaps a grid of side buttons isn't quite what you're after when it comes to choosing your next gaming mouse. That's okay as there are plenty of other mice available that offer unique and intuitive implementations. The ML160 by Bloody is one such offering. What the unit lacks in terms of button grids for your thumb it surely makes up with various extra features.

One of these features is the left-click button, which can be configured for up to 4 weapon modes (perfect if you play some first-person shooters from time to time). Utilizing the AVAGO A9800 sensor, the ML160 can be set to various DPI settings, up to 8200 and has a key response of less than 0.2ms. There are in total 17 macro buttons available.

You may have noticed the mouse does have some sort of button pad, but it's actually situated above the right-click. This is ideal for those who wish to take advantage of conveniently placed buttons, but not with their thumb which can lead to accidental presses if you're not careful. This pad contains 9 buttons that can be configured to your liking.

For $79.99, it's a unique take on this type of mouse.

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Corsair Gaming M65 PRO

Corsair M65

The Corsair Gaming M65 PRO isn't specifically designed for MMO gaming, but it is such a strong contender that deserves inclusion regardless.

This optical laser mouse features a 12,000 DPI A9800 sensor with high accuracy and custom tuned for gaming. If you have an eye for design, the M65 sports an aircraft-grade aluminum build, which is both lightweight and durable. Corsair will even allow owners to calibrate the mouse with the available surface to ensure sensor responsiveness is finely tuned for sessions.

Should you find yourself requiring on-the-fly DPI level switching, you'll be able to do just that with the M65. Macros, programmable buttons, and the custom RGB lighting can all be configured to match your style too. Onboard switches are rated for 20 million clicks, so you'll be fragging for years to come without needing to replace your trusty companion. It's available in black or white for $59.99.

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