Prey launch trailer sets the stage for the terrifying battle to come

The Prey reboot is almost here for Xbox One, PC and PS4, and Bethesda has released one last trailer to tease the struggle to come. The trailer gives us a quick look at the horror of the Typhon alien threat, the expansive Talos I space station and more. Check it out below:

In Prey, you'll play as protagonist Morgan Yuy as you explore the mysteries of the Talos I, including the Typhon threat on board. The game features a mix of shooter action and survival horror elements with the RPG elements of a fairly robust customization system that you can leverage to tailor your playstyle to your own preferences.

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If you want to get a taste of Prey ahead of release, you can play through the first hour of gameplay now with a free demo. Otherwise, Prey will hit consoles and PC on May 5 for $60.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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