Ever wanted to be a banana in space? You can in Prey — coming soon to Xbox One and PC

Prey tells the tale of a Morgan Yu, stranded aboard a lunar space station crawling with vicious aliens. The Typhon were stored there, following their failed attack on Earth. The creatures were subsequently, imprisoned, researched and ultimately harnessed by the TranStar Corporation.

Prey follows a Metroidvania-like format, with a persistent open world gated by certain skills and plot points. Prey has frequently been compared to Bioshock, for its eerie, derelict atmosphere, and its focus on superhuman powers.

Morgan Yu can harness the genes of various types of Typhon, granting him all sorts of weird and wonderful abilities. Bethesda has recently showcased Prey's Mimic abilities, which allow Morgan Yu to transform into any physical object.

Prey's Mimic ability is as versatile as it is wacky. Mimic will not only allow the player to transform into turrets, survive huge drops, and sneak past enemies, but it's also crucial for solving certain traversal puzzles. Found an area that's locked? Transform into a cup and slide under the door. An area that's too high? Transform into a steel crate and hitch a ride on an explosion, and so on.

Prey looks as though it's shaping up well ahead of its planned May 5th, 2017 launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Are you interested in Prey? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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