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This is likely the real list of upcoming original Xbox backwards compatible games

Posted on Twitter, WalkingCat linked the below screen cap, showing various unannounced OG Xbox classics, claimed to be coming to the Xbox One, and we have reason to believe they're real.

The list includes Crimson Skies and and Fusion Frenzy, as previously announced, but also various others. The full list includes:

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Dead to Rights
  • Prince of Persia
  • Red Faction II
  • Ninja Gaiden Black
  • Neowave: The King of Fighters
  • Pirates!
  • Psychonauts
  • Bloodrayne 2
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  • Crimson Skies
  • Fusion Frenzy

The addition of fan favorites like Ninja Gaiden Black and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would truly make this a solid starting lineup, as Microsoft looks to bring as many classic titles into the modern Xbox One ecosystem as possible. Licensing issues for music and other assets will prevent many classic games from arriving on OG backwards compatibility, but hopefully, Microsoft will be able to convince rights holders that this is a potentially profitable venture.

We have reason to believe this list is real, because at around the same time, Twitter user GreggyLumps got in touch to let us know the store was being populated with OG Xbox games. We have been able to find some of them in the store, including the previously unannounced Dead to Rights (opens in new tab), Neowave (opens in new tab), and Red Faction II (opens in new tab) lending weight to the fact this list is accurate. As usual, take things with a pinch of salt until the official announcement, but WalkingCat is highly credible.

What OG Xbox games do you want to see on Xbox One and beyond? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Yes!!! Ninja gaiden I hope the whole series comes to backwards compatibility.
  • Shenmue please !!
  • I second this!
  • Halo CE and Halo 2 please
  • I would love to play KotOR again.
  • very low price and optimized for new pc ;)
  • nearly any Microsoft game will join, Halo, Halo 2 & Forza Motorsport, games like Star Wars may not come straight away but later
  • Man, original Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2 would be awesome!
  • defo, i would love to see Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast from the Star Wars series xD
  • Star wars republic commando please!
  • I doubt Forza will be coming. The licenses for the cars ran out long ago.
  • you never know, the only reason why Horizon came was because it was getting delisted but Microsoft might want the entire franchise on Xbox One, they might wait until they can test all of them and ask for licenses again, cause if i had a over 7 version of a single game dating back to the first gen, to me, i wouldn't do one then leave the rest, better together, hopefully with Star Wars games goes ok, since EA have the license (2013 - 2023) and up to them. the original makers of Battlefront (original) were making a new Star Wars game which was a double of Battlefront but as soon as EA got word, they had to deleted everything in the game with Star Wars related but the game is still coming tho, the worse part was Disney didn't mind but EA was the ones who killed it :(
  • The Suffering would be a great addition
  • We don't need anymore suffering....haven't we suffered enough? Why, pray tell, do you wish to add more suffering to our feeble lives????? /s
  • Psi ops the mindgate conspiracy, 50 bulletproof please
  • Forza 1 is the only Forza I dont own.
  • Same
  • Haha! I still have my Crimson Skies disk in the closet!!!
  • Still no MechAssault 1 or 2 😢 I want them to be backwards compatible more than any other game. I could play MechAssault 2 on the 360 but MechAssault 1 was never backwards compatible (without hacks). I'm worried though about MechAssault 2 since it used a lot of licensed soundtracks. MechAssault 1 however hopefully has a better chance.
  • Forgot about MechAssault. Definitely one I'd like to revisit.
  • I would like to see Black
  • no i wont disable my ad blocker.
  • i loved dead to rights despite it being a max payne knock off. ninja gaiden was remade or made compatibel for xbox 360. i still have the game avilable as a download so hopefully i dont have to rebuy it.  they need to make the NG2 and 3 available too.
  • That's a good start. How about Stubbs the Zombie?
  • I'm definately excited to see Kotor, wish it could be remastered even. Another game I'd like to see is the Lord of the Rings.   I miss that old green Xbox logo
  • Steel Battalion.
  • Wanna PGR2
  • If there is one particular game title I want to see in this list, that would be Shenmue for sure. If anything more than that, may be Jade Empire.
  • Jet Set Radio Future!
  • No halo? 😂
  • I'd like to see Metal Arms and XIII.
  • Black is. Good one, I know it damn near impossible but def jam fight for ny, psy ops midway
  • No need. I just playem on my OG Xbox.
  • NGB....check. Kotor....check. Two of the best OG Xbx on the list so far. Give me JE and ill be in heaven..... Otogi wouldn't be bad either 😉
  • I want these: Futurama Nightmare Before Christmas
  • This is a great list!
  • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath!
  • Time splitters 2! Really want to play flame tag again, was ridiculously fun playing 4 players on the ps2.
  • I'm not seeing Raze's Hell in the list. Majesco, get on this!
  • Mech Assault series and Armored Core series
  • KOTOR and Psychonauts! :D
  • Come onnn MechAssault, Come onnn Unreal Championship 2!