Product chief at HTC reportedly leaves company

According to The Verge, HTC Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera has departed on separate ways from the manufacturer. The struggling company is experiencing a number of high-ranking departures, including the VP of Global Communications, who announced he would be exiting last week. So what's going on at HTC?

Hold on for a minute, we're not quite finished with the departures yet. The Windows Phone manufacturer also lost product strategy manager Eric Lin, and The Verge also reports that global retail marketing manager Rebecca Rowland and director of digital marketing John Starkweather have also left. Lin advised friends who are still at HTC to leave the company now and added they would be much happier distanced from HTC.

We can easily point to the HTC First, the "Facebook Phone". The device has struggled since launch, but the Android-powered HTC One is picking up the slack, with HTC North Asia president Jack Tong stating production capacity is set to double this month to keep up with strong demand. That said, what's happening with the company's family of Windows Phones? Well, not a lot really. That could also be part of the issue.

As well as Android, HTC has also banked on Windows Phone and has been a partner with Microsoft since the old Windows Mobile days. The company has launched numerous products on Microsoft's latest mobile platform, but in between said hardware announcements, the company is fairly silent on the Windows Phone front. Placing all its eggs in the overcrowded Android basket with Samsung to fight off is certainly hurting the company.

We're not suggesting Windows Phone is the answer for HTC's current situation, but check out how Nokia has turned it around thus far. For the time being, matters will likely worsen for poor HTC, but we'll look to the future to see how the company will face its challenges.

Source: The Verge, via: Android Central

Rich Edmonds
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