While the maximum resolution on Sony's machine was 1440p, Microsoft's console managed to push it to 1620p. However, this result emerged as somewhat surprising, with its developer, Slightly Mad Studios, having promised more significant upgrades.

Gamers who played the Project CARS 2 demo on Xbox One X have noticed that this version strangely sports improved visuals over the final build of the full game. It has now surfaced that full upgrades are only available for the demo on Xbox One X and the actual game is yet to see full enhancements. Slightly Mad Studios contacted Eurogamer about the upcoming changes and the outlet issued the following statement.

Project Cars 2 will be updated on Xbox One X with new features including enhanced resolution, enhanced visuals or enhanced performance. These features are actually available in the recently released playable demo, but aren't in the main game yet, which is why we missed it. This puts a new complexion on the title and we will update as soon as we can with a fresh analysis.

It's great to see that the current build isn't the final version, with more upgrades in the pipeline for Xbox One X users. Even though Project CARS 2 runs at a higher resolution and improved fidelity on the new console, hopefully this will be pushed further going forward.

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