Xbox Project Scarlett SoCSource: Microsoft

What you need to know

  • Project Scarlett is Microsoft's upcoming console.
  • It's launching in Holiday 2020.
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer says the console's name will stand for its capabilities.
  • Project Scarlett is rumored to have 12 teraflops of processing power.

Project Scarlett is Microsoft's upcoming Xbox console that's scheduled to launch in Holiday 2020. It's rumored to feature 12 teraflops of processing power and may just again be the "world's most powerful console" towards the end of next year. Aside from concrete specifications, gamers are patiently waiting to learn its name.

Speaking with Stevivor at X019, Spencer said the following about selecting a name for Project Scarlett. The name will be all about its capabilities.

It hasn't. Our naming convention has been around what we think the capabilities are. Xbox 360 was about the entertainment experience around the box and the box being in the center of that entertainment experience. Xbox One, if you remember our branding early on, was 'always on input, all in one'. Those names were really built around the purpose of the box. I don't feel like I need to follow in their footsteps because they're kind of self-contained.

It'll be interesting to see what Microsoft decides on. My bets are on Xbox Infinite S and Xbox Infinite X given that Project Lockhart and Project Anaconda apparently both exist. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. What do you want the next Xbox to be called? Let us know.

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