Provide and vote on feedback for WP7 [Developers]

Developers, when not building incredible applications for the platform, would you like to leave feedback for the Windows Phone 7 team and vote on other ideas? Well, you can with the Dev Feedback Forum. Should you wish to see some changes (or features introduced) in a number of categories, including the emulator, network, sensor APIs, Silverlight and tiles, now's your chance.

You have 25 votes to use, which will be returned should ideas be taken on-board by the Windows Phone team. Suggestions will be moderated should they become actual planned features to be included in a future update and it's stated that all ideas will be looked at. Some good signs showing from the developer community with a good number of ideas already submitted and voted on. Microsoft seem to be continuously providing the means for users and developers to provide feedback, always a good thing.

Source: Dev Feedback Forum

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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