PSA: Last Chance to Try for a Sprint Cancellation

Are you considering AT&T

WC Staff
  • These articles are annoying..
    Though I do understand if you have had issues with a company it is nice for a reminder like this.
    As for me I would not ever.. EVER be on ATT or Verizon so Sprint is just dandy for me!
    YMMV ;-)
  • if these articles are annoying then simply dont read them.
    Its everyone's legal right who wants to get out of the contract from this to be able to. there are legal contracts for a reason and if one side breaks it the other side can void it too.
  • "if these articles are annoying then simply dont read them."
    -Agreed! I was just asked by my mother if I would like a 3G iPhone and to join her on an ATT family plan. I was frantically trying to figure out how to get out of my Sprint contract and I think this is just the trick. Thanks for posting it! YAY!
  • I appologize.. I wasn't trying to offend.
    I sort of recanted my original statement anyway as I stated I guess if you have had issues then this type of article can be helpful.
    We are polarized one way or the other I guess. I have good luck with Sprint is all and I feel they get a bad rap sometimes.
  • They must be getting bad raps
    if two million customers a year
    leave them.
  • I'm on SERO, where exactly would I want to go? ;)
    And generally speaking, I couldn't be happier with the coverage anyway. Most of my coworkers have AT&T, but whenever we're traveling they're almost always the one SOL when it comes to getting a 3G signal.
  • yo whats really good with wmexperts?? why are ya such haters on sprint?? i hate verizon phones... and they plans to expensive (not that im cheap)... att 3g coverage sucks, the iphone sucks cuz i personally like windows mobile... Sprint makes the best phones in my opinion, for the best price... let's see what happens when Sprint releases their 4g handsets!!
  • Yes they are getting a bad rap..
    Sprints biggest weakness is they let people walk away with the farm and when they clamped down on the freebies many had a "but you owe me" attitude.
    Their 2nd weakness is a terrible track record in marketing.
    They have the best 3g network. They have the only 4g network, though it is only in its infancy. They have the best rates.. Period. Their customer service is just as good as Verizons and leaps ahead of ATT. They are business oriented so some of their devices aren't as flashy consumer as other carriers.
    And I understand the Sero comment. I agree where would you go.
  • not a sero customer, but my wife and I have $5/month unlimited Power Vision, not to mention Pick 5. There's no other provider out there that can come even close to matching what we got.
  • I'm about to be billed for 3 different service plans on one account. For the third month in a row. Is this $.24 a nitpicky, whiny baby loophole? you bet. Will I be jumping through it tomorrow morning? With my arms out and a smile on my face. I've had my contract renewed for calling customer service to ask about when my contract was up, for walking in to a store and asking about the features of my plan, and for chatting with retentions. I'm taking 5 lines and leaving tomorrow.