PSA: Updates for offline maps on Windows Phone now available

Offline map data is a Windows Phone feature you don’t appreciate until you really need it. While you’re probably in data coverage most of the time, those few times you’re not really make you love having access to your maps. Today we’re looking at an update for offline map data on Windows Phone!

Want to update? Of course you do. Head to settings > applications > maps > check for updates to have your phone check for updates. We’ve got reports of regions like India, California and elsewhere picking up new maps. The update size will vary depending on what maps you’ve elected to download for offline use.

Why download maps? The offline map data allows you to search for places and get directions without using a data connection. It’ll also help you save money by not consuming precious data through your carrier.

Download maps on Windows Phone for offline use? Let us know where you are in the world and whether or not you’re seeing updates!

Thanks for the tips everyone! 

Sam Sabri