Pulling Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store was the right call, and Xbox should follow suit

Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kid Screenshot
Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kid Screenshot (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kid Screenshot

Source: CD Projekt Red (Image credit: Source: CD Projekt Red)

It happened. Sony pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store entirely. Let me repeat that. You cannot purchase Cyberpunk 2077 digitally for PS4 right now. This is an unprecedented decision on Sony's part, and comes shortly after CD Projekt RED seemingly threw retailers and platforms under the bus by saying that fans could request refunds, before walking back on those claims and stating that the studio did not have any agreements in place with Sony regarding refunds.

Sony announced the following Thursday night:

SIE strives to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, therefore we will begin to offer a full refund for all gamers who have purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store. SIE will also be removing Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store until further notice.Once we have confirmed that you purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store, we will begin processing your refund. Please note that completion of the refund may vary based on your payment method and financial institution.

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a terrible launch, to put it mildly. Blasted by almost everyone for a myriad of bugs, poor performance, and poor visuals on anything that isn't a high-end PC, it was nearly unplayable on a base PS4 or Xbox One. Despite our glowing Cyberpunk 2077 review, we noted that there were numerous bugs on PC. It was even worse on console, with many issues persisting on Cyberpunk 2077 for the PS5, with crashes popping up periodically as well.

Pulling a game from a store like this is nearly unheard of, especially a game as big as Cyberpunk 2077. And now that it's already happened (seriously, go check the store right now and you won't find it), Sony has practically forced Microsoft's hand. Microsoft needs to follow suit on Xbox. Not only would Xbox look bad by keeping Cyberpunk 2077 up on the store, but the company would lose a lot of good will with fans.

Sony has practically forced Microsoft's hand, and now it needs to be pulled from Xbox.

Microsoft's relationship with Cyberpunk 2077 is a little different because the game was heavily marketed on Xbox — there's even a limited edition Cyberpunk Xbox One X console and controller. But backlash of this magnitude can't be ignored.

It's also important to note that just because it's delisted doesn't mean you can't still play it if you've already purchased it. It's not removed from your account. It just means that new players cannot purchase it going forward, at least until Sony relists it on the store. I'd imagine this will be the beginning of long conversations between Sony and CD Projekt Red, with the developer needing to prove that the game's upcoming patches will fix the situation.

Cyberpunk 2077 Big Gun Alley Screenshot

Source: CD Projekt Red (Image credit: Source: CD Projekt Red)

It definitely wasn't an easy decision on Sony's part to pull Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store, but I think it was a necessary one. When players are spending $60 on a brand-new game, it is unacceptable for it to run as poorly as it did on PS4 and Xbox One. Sony's own refund policy states that players can request refunds for "faulty" content, and I'd say that Cyberpunk 2077 certainly qualifies.

It's unclear when Sony will relist Cyberpunk 2077 on the store.

It's unclear when (if?) Sony will relist Cyberpunk 2077 on the PlayStation Store. Though CD Projekt RED is still working on next-gen versions of the game, the company hasn't stated when those will come out. It runs fine on PS5 as it stands through backward compatibility, but it's not perfect.

Oddly enough, if you want to play CD Projekt RED's latest RPG but don't have a high-end PC, then Stadia might be the best way to play Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment.

Jennifer Locke has been playing video games nearly her entire life, and is very happy Xbox is growing a stronger first-party portfolio. You can find her obsessing over Star Wars and other geeky things on Twitter @JenLocke95.

  • Sorry but you make no sense. The game works perfectly on Xbox Series X/S. Ive read that on Xbox one runs better than on PS4. So why, should they do it in solidarity with the inferior platform? Just to pander to Sony, as everyone always does (not to mention this very article)? The fans are happy with the game. Those who have a Series X/S love it. Those who think it would run well on a One are delusional, and frankly have read the reviews by now. So what's exactly the angle here? Corporate censorship? Sony driving their armies to punish CDPR for making a gsme that runs bettet on Series X (a better console hardware wise). What stops Sony from censoring other games because they don't like how they run on their mediocre console? What if every game runs worse on PS5? Will they censor every game?
  • It certainly doesn't work perfectly on the Series X, it has plenty of issues just like every other open world game on release. And don't speak for everyone, I don't "love" it. In fact even ignoring the bugs the game itself isn't anything spectacular. And I have yet to get to a point that is as impressive as the majority of The Witcher 3. There is certainly no "Bloody Baron" quest, not yet for me anyway.
  • Thank you... I thought it was just me that wasn't totally feeling the game yet. I am only 10 hours or so in and only just got past a little of the prolonged, but I haven't felt it was quite to the same level. I do know that it took me a while to get into TW3 after loving the TW2 for what seem to remember being the whole game, so I am thinking it might just start slow.
  • Ok, you might not "love" it but I'm sure on Series X from a technical standpoint (which is the thing at stake here) you must be pretty satisfied.
  • Also no. The difference between performance and quality modes in terms of visuals is non existent, however it takes a significant frame rate hit, dropping under 30 frames even with no characters on screen, just looking around the environment. So no, from a technical standpoint it still doesn't wow me on the Series X (except for load times, gotta love those load times). Which is understandable since it hasn't actually been given the "next gen" treatment yet.
  • It's not censorship. It's CDPR offering no questions asked refunds for people who're not completely happy with their game. Sony on the other hand, are not happy that people are allowed to request the refunds unless they say so, because FU customers. So they've pulled the entire game to spit CDPR.
    My guess is Sony is only going to republish on their storefront when CDPR patches Cyberpunk to the point Sony can deny gamers a refund.
  • Sony (and probably Microsoft) unhappy that they gave CDPR the benefit of the doubt, and CDPR still shat out a unfinished POS, and then had the audacity to offer full refunds for all without consulting with the storefront (Sony) selling their half-assed game for them. Sony has every right, and is in the right, to cut off CDPR and any money they would have made over the holidays from this. It's a cold hard business decision to insulate themselves from a financial loss and a torrential downpour of angry support tickets. And cold business decisions are something CDPR should understand as they themselves made a similar decision when deciding to lie to customers for months via marketing/twitter/interviews etc and release this unfinished project right before Christmas to boost revenue. And how it backfired! It doesn't matter if some people enjoy it, if some people don't have issues, the fact is the number of people requesting refunds must be so astronomically high for Sony to take this unprecedented move. With sites like this one lauding this game as a 5/5 BEST GAME OF THE CENTURY (seriously: https://www.windowscentral.com/cyberpunk-2077-review) when it clearly was broken and unfinished, consumers have every right to be pissed that they were misled through every possible outlet that they could try to make an informed purchasing decision from. Sony for once made a right pro-consumer choice in cleaning up after CDPR's incompetence. You know what you don't do when you're a game developer? Is lie and **** around with the 2 biggest gaming platform behemoths
  • Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with this one.
  • I think Xbox should definitely consider being a bit more lenient with their refund policy but two weeks to return a digital purchase is pretty fair already. Delisting it seems a bit extreme tbh.
  • That is exactly what they're doing.
    They removed the two week time limits for refunds.
  • Mobile nations floater or freelance writer? Definitely can't be home to windows central I'm surprised this comment section hasn't gone bananas yet lol As far as what I think about the article, I think they game should be in early access. It's clearly unfinished. And I know I know ; EVERY game is unfinished... But I mean this was UNFINISHED!! What's worse? Backlash from another delay or this?
  • My take? Smells like written by a Sony recruit.
  • Yeah, I disagree. All versions but One S work fine for Xbox. Digital Foundry even said the Series S may be the sleeper console version and the Series X 30fps mode is the best looking way to play on consoles. So, while Sony is free to do what they wish, Xbox should leave it where it is. And I have no interest in playing it until the Series optimized version hits.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the game was back on the PS store by tomorrow. Likely this has more to do with the botched refund policy and less to do with the botched game. As far as game performance on Xbox... Just stay away from the base Xbox One. The One X, Series X and S all run it fine(ish) according to Digital Foundry. Still buggy as heck, though.
  • But the PS4 discs for the game are still readily available or are they being withdrawn too
  • Discs are fine, Sony, as a distributor, made the decision that since CD Projekt have admitted that the game isn't at the level of quality it should be at, that they have removed it from the store as they likely don't want to have to deal with refunds, and if it remains on the store then people will buy it without knowing of the issues (not everyone is as focused on gaming news) and then request a refund. Removal from the store actually makes more sense, otherwise it'll just mean more refunds.
  • I love it on Xbox One X. Don't delist, at least not on all Xbox One consoles. Absolutely playable (gorgeous even) on One X.
  • This is your definition of gorgeous? Wow. It looks awfully bad on consoles so far. Really really needs a patch.
  • Yes. It looks fantastic on the One X.
  • Only looks bad on the base consoles.
  • Microsoft doesn't need to remove the game as they have a section for unfinished games for early access. They can just move it to that section for those that still want to buy it until the retail release is fully ready.
  • It's much easier to get a refund from MS than through Sony.
    I submitted refunds all the time, and they were instant without query.
    Also game plays and runs fine on the new consoles, unlike Sony MSFT uses a unified store, it makes no sense to remove it from all consoles. Since refunds are so easy, they shouldn't remove it from any platform.
    Also it runs better on new consoles than Stadia, Stadia has a 60ms latency, it's far too floaty, to play a FPS you'd have to play on easy, there's also very obvious video compression artifacts. A terrible experience overall. This article was obviously written by a non gamer, especially one who hasn't even played the game. It's actually perfectly fine, probably one of the least buggy launches I have played. My only issue has been the AI [police can spawn on you without anyway for them to actually get there, otherwise they can give up if you're a couple feet away]
  • I was waiting for someone to bring up the unified store piece because it's true you can't duelist a game just for Xbox One without delisting it for series x and series s and republishing it for only those two. It makes no sense to delist the game just because the publisher offered no questions asked refunds.
  • It's weird how conflicting morals have caused Sony to pull it from their stores. CDPR seemingly have no problems issuing refunds for their unhappy customers, but issuing refunds also seems to be at odds ends with how Sony wants to do business. Throwing their toys (games) out of the pram (store) just to spite CDPR over refunds, and then offer refunds anyway?
    There are plenty of people out there who're happily playing Cyberpunk, and many more who would be happy playing it on a PS5 if Sony hadn't allowed all their consoles to be sold to scalper bots.
  • What are you on about? Sony removed it from the store so people wouldn't buy a game that the DEVELOPER THEMSELVES said is basically in an unusable state. Sony did the right thing by preventing people who may not know any better from buying a game that requires some attention. It'll be relisted again after it is playable on the previous gen systems.
  • Exactly, Sony is the one in the wrong here. There's a game people don't like? Why is it so hard to get refunds with Sony? That's the issue, they don't need to White Knight against any one game. Of course, this is a battle in the war against MS, that's what it really is. Also the PS5 is gonna show performance problems with a lot of games this generation, mark my words. Especially compared to the Series X, which is a real powerhouse.
  • this is getting ridiculous. it runs great on the Xbox Series X. I'm having a lot of fun. no one is saying it runs perfectly and I can't wait for the next-gen patch. but the game is beautiful on the Series X as-is.
  • Plays great on Xbox One X too, where I'll keep playing it until I can get my hands on a Series X.
  • I'm playing the game primarily on Stadia, but it runs decent on my One X as well. I've put a few hours in on the One X and it runs fine. In my opinion Microsoft should leave it on the store.
  • Hard disagree. Having a blast with this game on the Series X. Haven't even seen most of the bugs people are complaining about, though it's not perfect by any stretch. Better solution would be to stop people downloading it from base consoles. The One X seems to do, OKish, and the Series consoles are fine.
  • I'd say it's better than OKish. :-) To me, it plays great on One X. It's not problem-free by any means, but typical for launch until a few patches come out.
  • Disagree I think this had more to do with Sony's refund policy than the game's issues. Because if they were really serious about "customer satisfaction" there would be alot of other games pulled from the store not just a popular one. Microsoft doesn't have to do anything because their refund policy is more responsible. Xbox users can wait for patches or get refunds most of the time
  • See, it's as you say. It's Sony against the world, because Sony doesn't work like the rest of the world. So Sony's solution is to turn the world upside down. I really can't understand why people put up with such a crappy company whose every move is so anti-consumer.
  • At this point, it's pretty much a given that MS will pull the game from the Xbox store. It's only a question of when that'll happen.
  • Why? It works well enough on the new consoles.
  • Absolutely not. Nobody should pull the game from any store, to begin with. Other than that, the game performs great on the next gen consoles as it was designed. those who disagree and bought it can ask for a refund. Why prevent people from buying it? That's a very awful move by Sony to cover up their practices and to be frank, how bad their consoles work.
  • No they are not.
    They removed time limits on refunds but the game is staying.
    They're letting the consumer decide if it works okay for them, if they're willing to wait for the patches, or if they want to bail.
    They (so far) seem to trust their customers to make up their own minds.
  • I got the game on series X, having a great time. Will do one play through and wait for the patch. Sorry for anyone having a bad experience but I'm glad the haven't delist the title. Xbox has good return policy.
  • Even though it's a good sentiment, I don't think this take holds up under scrutiny. You can still by CP2077 for Playstation consoles just by obtaining a physical copy, so it's not that Sony is actively trying to keep more people from playing a title that "doesn't mean their standards"--they're trying to keep more people from bothering them with refunds immediately after purchase on their digital store. Which is fine, it's their prerogative. But the best thing Microsoft can do for their customers isn't that, the best thing Microsoft can do for their customers is make the refund request process on the Xbox Store as easy and reliable as reasonably possible (while not opening it up to unnecessary abuse). Unlike the Playstation Store.
  • Do people still smoke in 2077? Jesus.
  • Well, with better Healthcare i guess there isn't a reason not to.
  • It's set in California. ;)
  • I disagree with this article, but I do agree with Microsoft's current approach of granting refunds after 14 days for this game. Considering the way Xbox is handing their store and Xbox One/Series versions it would make no sense to pull it. Until the patch rolls out to update the game, these are the same game files for both generations. For those of us fortunate enough to have a Series X ( Even the S is running the game well), the game is mostly fine. It is really terrible that it is nearly unplayable for those on the base consoles, but why should One X and Series owners be punished for CDPR's deception?
  • Why didn't Black Ops Cold Ware get pulled from the store? It ran like poo on my Series X for the first few weeks of release. I would have asked for a refund then but remembered that Call of Duty games hardly ever get a decent mark down so ya...
  • I would say only for Xbox one, but one x or the Series machines. It's only the base machines that are really not ok
  • The game has NO MORE BUGS than Call of Duty Cold War, in fact it has far less, and at least they don't make hardware fully system crash on PC and console. There is no reason to remove the game from the store, it works perfectly fine on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X and Series S. People can just be patient for a patch like they are for every other game. No need to follow Sony's overreaction by spitting in their pro customers' faces.
  • LOL I agree Jennifer but remember, Windows Central was complicit in the false advertising of this title.
    Just ask your buddy Jez
  • That review was done on a PC and I am sure it still stands. High end PCs have little issues with this game and it looks spectacular.
  • "Complicit"? That's a despicable thing to say. Jez gave a fantastic review of the PC version and warned us about the bugs. It is one of the best written reviews of any game I've ever read. And from the few hours of play so far on the One X, even on that console, I'd agree with his review. The only thing Jez did wrong was not emphasizing more that CDPR withheld access to the console version, but there was really no precedent for this console-specific problem, so that's hardly a villainous mistake.
  • Sony admits the ps4 wasn't powerful enough to run this game..
  • I am running on PC with fairly high end specs, and it needs a lot of work as well. I am about 10 hours in and It’s not only performance, but game play. Much more testing should have been done. I’ve had spots where the visuals just disappear. Was stuck in tutorial (many other had this issue as well) in some endless loop and had to start the previous tutorial to move forward. It has everything it seems to make this a great game. Hoping they can quickly provide updates just to make it playable.
  • Hardly any issues on Series X other than a graphical glitch here and there but nothing has affected my game play.
  • Now it's microsoft's turn to not over-react and screw over their Xbox One X and Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X owners, unlike Sony.
  • I have to disagree eith this well written article. Sony wouldn't have delisted the game if it had a proper refund system in place. Xbox doesnt have that problem. I also feel that with proper refund mechanism in place, let people buy what they want. It works for most. I would hate to have a case where "it doesn't work for me so you can't play it either" situation.
  • Personally I don't think Xbox should delist it, the game will get patched and improve. Giving people the option to receive a full refund if they wish is sufficient.
  • Game runs great on Xbox Series X, so why would they delist it? They should put a warning for base Xbox One users that it is terrible for them.