Pure Farming 2018 for Xbox One review: a steep learning curve to a bountiful harvest

Pure Farming 2018 is one of the most extensive farm simulators ever made.

Farming simulators have been some of the most popular titles in the simulation genre, and we're now facing a glut of titles. This would be a good thing if each one was unique and different, but almost all of them offer the same freatures and content. This is not the case with Pure Farming 2018, however.

Between the ability to run several farms in different countries, a wide selection of farming vehicles never seen before in a game, and the inclusion of greenhouses and orchards, there's plenty of stuff in Pure Farming 2018 that you won't find in any other simulator. Unfortunately, learning how to play the game is incredibly difficult because of the poor introductory segment.

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Gameplay: Farm around the world

Like most farm simulators, the main goal of Pure Farming 2018 is to harvest crops and raise livestock. You accomplish this by planting seeds, driving heavy machinery through fields, and taking care of animals. All of this is fun, but what sets Pure Farming above other games is the fact that you can also tend to greenhouses and fruit orchards. These are activities not found in different simulators, and because of that, this game has a lot more content for you to enjoy compared to them.

Another huge feature of Pure Farming is the way that you can own multiple farms across the globe. You can play in the United States, Italy, Japan, and Colombia. All four of these locations offer you different crops, animals, equipment and landscapes to enjoy and interact with, and it's a really intriguing experience to see how agriculture is done differently between the various countries.

In terms of modes, Pure Farming offers three: My First Farm, Free Farming, and Farming Challenges. My First Farm is where players new to farming simulation can learn the game, while Free Farming and Farming Challenges are geared towards more experienced players. Free Farming gives you full leeway to run your plantations however you see fit, while Farming Challenges test your skills with specific scenarios.

Unfortunately, the game has a flaw, and it's a big one. The My First Farm mode is significantly lackluster, and learning how to play the game correctly is a confusing, frustrating process. Instructions are vague at best, and to learn anything further about what you're supposed to do requires navigating countless menus. This left me annoyed, and though I grit my teeth and finally was able to get the hang of things, people with low patience will be driven mad by this problem.

Presentation: Raising the bar for simulation graphics

Pure Farming is an absolutely gorgeous game. Seeing all of the amazing visual work done is alone worth a chunk of the price, and what's even better is that the game manages to look excellent while also running well, too.

In particular, the most impressive thing about Pure Farming is the lighting and shadows. The warm glow of the in-game sun causes entire fields of crops to be bathed in beautiful color, and taller types of plants and objects cast shadows that look incredibly realistic. If you love good visuals, then this game is for you.

Pure Farming 2018 for Xbox One conclusion

Though very aggravating to learn at first because of the terrible tutorial, Pure Farming 2018 is nevertheless an excellent farming simulator that brings new content and ideas to the table.


  • Lots of content.
  • Varied gameplay.
  • Amazing graphics.


  • Frustratingly poor tutorial.

Pure Farming 2018 is available now on Xbox One for $39.99.

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This review was conducted on an Xbox One, using a copy provided by the publisher.

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