We of course broke the news a little while ago that today, September 27th, was the day AT&T would begin to roll out Mango updates to existing handsets. The information we had was more than credible from our perspective and since then we've seen nothing but confirmation that today and this week would be heavily focused on Microsoft delivering those Mango updates.

Now a second internal memo from AT&T has leaked, albeit a pic of a PC screen. While this internal memo could easily be faked we're quite sure that it is indeed the real thing. The memo lists a lot of the same information we posted but clearly in a different format and meant for a different audience. Still, if there was any doubt left in your minds that AT&T would start their Mango updates, we think you can put those concerns aside.

The only remaining question is what time?

Source: Windows Phone Metro; Thanks, Jarrod, for the heads up