Purported AT&T leaked memo confirms today is Mango day

We of course broke the news a little while ago that today, September 27th, was the day AT&T would begin to roll out Mango updates to existing handsets. The information we had was more than credible from our perspective and since then we've seen nothing but confirmation that today and this week would be heavily focused on Microsoft delivering those Mango updates.

Now a second internal memo from AT&T has leaked, albeit a pic of a PC screen. While this internal memo could easily be faked we're quite sure that it is indeed the real thing. The memo lists a lot of the same information we posted but clearly in a different format and meant for a different audience. Still, if there was any doubt left in your minds that AT&T would start their Mango updates, we think you can put those concerns aside.

The only remaining question is what time?

Source: Windows Phone Metro; Thanks, Jarrod, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • I worked at AT&T as a rep for a while and I can confirm that screen is MyCSP, which is AT&T's information portal. Looks good guys!
  • 12:03 a.m. western time...no mango as of yet...
  • Yes that is correct.I actually work for AT&T as a rep, and I can definitely confirm this is MyCSP (a company-wide information portal). Why? Well because I've actually known about this update for a week or so.In fact, we've all been trained about Mango since last Monday :)So yeah, as far as what time, well I talked to one of my IT friends, and he says AT&T sends the updates in batches. First round is usually 25,000 notifications, then 50,000, and so on. As to how often do these batches increase, he never specified as that is not his area, but he told me that's how they did it for the last Android 2.3 update.As far as to when will it actually start, only IT people on that area know, but I would expect the first batch to start at around 8-9:00 AM, which is when the stores usually open (assuming, of course, the rest of the company's divisions start as similar times). Earlier than that just seems to be pushing it a bit.But if the doubt is whether it will come out today or not, I would recommend to start worrying about what time... :)
  • Why the **** does the HD7S keep getting shafted? Last leak it was "early to mid-October", now it's "by the end of October". Next thing you know it'll be "No later than December", and then "Never. Ha ha, sucker! Time to buy a new phone!"AT&T sucks.
  • Can we use the old "force" method. To trick the phone to pull the update down without notifications if the notifications have not been sent out?
  • Elaborate please...
  • YAY mango is finally here!!!!
  • I suddenly got very VERY impatient.
  • Any word on any other rollouts? Vodafone AU said that Microsoft controls the rollouts not the carrier. Here it seems that AT&T is controlling the rollout of Mango. Any thoughts?
  • its 1:56 am PST and I dont have mango yet. WTF/sarcasm
  • Has anybody got the Mango Update from at&t??
  • Ok now i have the samsung focus 1.3 version but i unlocked. can i still get the notification from at&t??