Puzzle-platformer Kalimba now available on Xbox One

Puzzle-platformer Kalimba is now available for Xbox One. The game comes from Microsoft's Press Play studio, the team behind games like Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Tentacles.

Game description: Kalimba is a mind-bending and playful puzzle-platformer. Choose between single-player and local two-player, where cooperation is key. The island of Kalimba has been cast into darkness. Jump, slide, and fly your way from the underworld to the heavens in order to restore light in the land.

Check our previous Twitch stream to get an idea of what Kalimba is all about.

Kalimba can be yours on Xbox One for just $9.99. You'll need about 2.3 GB of storage space on your console to install and enjoy this game.

Via: Major Nelson

  • Kalimba de luna!!! Boney M
  • Kalimba de OV7!!! Mexico
  • Indiana Jones.
  • Games like this increases your thinking capacity, builds more brain lobes and makes you a sharper person guys. Try it, yet to buy myself.
  • I'm still fighting my way through Max: The Curse of Brotherhood... *fantastic* game, by the way. Perfect for the casual gamer like myself. This is a game you can play for a bit, get interrupted, and pick up weeks later and you'll be back in the game in no time, yet it's still a good challenge, and tons of fun.
  • Fun game. Played through the preview version. Definitely upgrading to the full version.