Qais Quest, a knightly platform Windows Phone adventure

Qais Quest is a nicely animated Windows Phone platform game where you play the role of Qais, a lost knight trying to find his way home.

The graphics remind me a little of the Rayman series of games and the game play is your traditional platformer style with plenty of obstacles to jump, enemies to slay and gems to collect.

Qais Quest is a fun game to pass the time with and is available for low-memory devices. If you are a fan of platformers or just looking for a nice title to add to your gaming library, Qais Quest is worth a try.

Qais Quest Menus

Qais Quest is a multi-level platformer with a rather minimalistic main menu. The main menu contains links to your settings, the game's Facebook page, a link to the developer's credits and a link to head into game play. Settings are brief with only the ability to mute the sound.

The game currently only has one world that has thirty levels of play that are spread across five environments. Gaming controls are present on the gaming levels screen to help guide your player to the correct portal (level).

Speaking of which, gaming controls follow the games minimal design. On-screen controls include a virtual joystick in the lower left corner with jump and attack buttons in the lower right corner.

Game Play

Qais Quest's game play falls in line with your typical platformer styled game. You have a series of hills to jump across, a few floating rafts to jump on to and an assortment of enemies to slash your way through.

There are also floating masks (not sure what they do) and gems to collect. Without any help section or tutorials, it appears the gems simply go towards your level score.

Qais lacks the ability to double tap the jump button for added height but can jump off walls to gain height. He can use this ability to jump from wall to wall to climb up cliffs. Levels more up the ladder will include an underwater sub, a spaceship and a run-away mine cart.

As far as combat is concerned, Qais Quest is rather docile in this department. There are bosses to defeat (some of which can be rather intense) that will present a gaming challenge but the run of the mill minion goes down with a single slash of the sword. Qais lacks a health meter but it will only take a few hits from an enemy for the knight to go down.

Overall Impressions

Qais Quest has a lot going for it. The graphics and animations are well done, game mechanics are responsive and easy to get a handle on and the platform levels are somewhat challenging.

The game does have some room for improvement but it also grows on you the more you play Qais Quest. I wouldn't mind seeing a help section or tutorial to help explain some of the finer details of game play. Game play could also use a few more power-ups to help Qais make it to the end of each level. The mask, which I'm guessing is temporary protection, is a nice touch but the game could use a few more magical items lying around.

Overall, Qais Quest is a fun title for your Windows Phone gaming library. Some may find it a little on the vanilla side and hopefully future updates will add a little meat to the bone with Qais Quest.

  • Qais Quest – Windows Phone 8 – Trial/$1.29 – Store Link

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