Qik Now in Public Beta

Qik has been on select Windows Mobile devices for awhile now, but the beta has been opened up for everybody without the need for an invite. You can check it out at http://qik.com, but be warned it might just start playing video automatically (which is annoying). The “Beta” part of Qik is no joke -- it works very well as you can see from the above video but it also has some account management issues to work out (like switching phone numbers associated with an account). Qik currently only works with a few Windows Mobile phones, the Motorola Q9c, Q9h, and the Samsung SGH-i600 and BlackJack II. More should be coming in the future, though.

Oh yeah, what does Qik do? It's a live-video-streaming app that lets you share videos either with the entire internet (as above) or just people you select, plus the videos are archived for future use (as above). All in all, it's pretty slick. They've added a heap of new features with the new beta, which you can find detailed on their blog.


  • lol...best demo vid ever
    Man, over edge that ain't too shabby. It's gotta look amazing over RevA
    (runs off to go try)
    edit: oh boo, no universal WM client...and the wait begins :(
  • That's no moon ...
  • @Mal -- Yeah, I started by trying to install it on the Mogul, learned it wasn't compatible, and then tried to get that account switched over to the Q9h, which wasn't possible without emailing support. Hence, my complaint about needing some work in the account management department.
  • wow thats really good on edge. nice to see qik works in the "sticks"
  • Hopefully "we will be in touch to let you know when you can get started" is a good thing
  • This is amazing.... just installed on my q9h. Worked pretty flawlessly. Video quality is actually pretty good considering. Was getting about a 1.5 min delay on high quality and about 10 sec delay on low quality. This is about the coolest thing since sliced bread, hopefully it stays free because this is just awesome.