Quantum Break director teases PC version, confirms Alan Wake 2

According to the game's writer, we'll eventually see a sequel to the Xbox 360 console exclusive Alan Wake.

Sam Lake, credited with creating Max Payne and the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, confirmed the news in a new interview with Game Informer.

Alan Wake launched in 2010 as a Xbox 360 console exclusive, eventually hitting PC in 2012. The game follows the eponymous best-selling writer, Alan Wake, as he visits the fictional town of Bright Falls on vacation. While there, events from a psychological thriller written by Alan Wake begin coming to life, sending him on a terrifying supernatural quest to solve his wife's disappearance.

Alan Wake won praise for its detailed visuals, unique gunplay mechanics and survival horror leanings. Sadly, Alan Wake's ending and DLC left the game wide open for a sequel that has yet to materialise. Since the announcement of the time-bending Quantum Break, Alan Wake fans have been eager to know what Remedy Entertainment plan to do afterwards. Thankfully, it could well be Alan Wake 2.

The interview took place in the form of 100 quick-fire questions, which saw various other snippets of information come to light.

  • When asked if we'll ever get to play Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake simply replied "yes."
  • Sam Lake also hopes to see Quantum Break on PC
  • Apparently, Quantum Break will feature dinosaurs
  • Sam Lake isn't aging backwards
  • Sam Lake's favorite game is Half Life 2
  • Quantum Break has no Kinect support
  • Quantum Break's powers are upgradable
  • Out of all the games he's made, Sam Lake is most proud of Alan Wake
  • Quantum Break's in-game TV show has four episodes
  • The live action episodes don't require any controller interaction

Be sure to check out the full (and rather hilarious) interview from Game Informer here.

Remedy Entertainment are independent, but Microsoft own the rights to Quantum Break. It seems like the game would be a good title to put in the Windows 10 Store to boost its core offering. I've seen Quantum Break running live on a Xbox One at a couple of events, and each time I've come away impressed. Quantum Break blends a live-action TV show with third-person shooting and time-manipulation powers. Given what we've seen of the game so far, it seems like a total step-up for the Finnish studio, who are well renowned for crafting memorable, cinematic experiences. This time, apparently, with dinosaurs.

After Quantum Break, it seems likely that we're going to get an answer to all those ambiguous questions posed by Alan Wake's DLC and ending. If you haven't played Alan Wake yet, it's highly expected to be joining the Xbox One as part of its initial backwards compatibility offering - set to be revealed in full on November 9th.

Are you an Alan Wake fan? Are you ready for a sequel? Let us know below.

Source: Game Informer

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  • That could actually bring me back to gaming. Quantum brake looks awesome!
  • Meh, my enthusiasm has significantly wavered with all this waiting. I'm almost not interested anymore.
  • I got like that with Max Payne, but one thing I've learnt from this developer is they hold of on a release to ensure everything is perfect, and they have yet to disappoint me.
  • Hmm, well I hope so. Destiny was the first time I had buyers remorse with a game. All the hype, and I think it sucked.
  • Destiny was a huge disappointment. Try Halo 5 instead. It's much better. Quantum Break looks fantastic. It has nowhere near the level of hype that Destiny had, but I'm quite confident that, when all is said and done, it will be a much better game than Destiny.
  • It's the Windows Phone of gaming.
  • The waiting is apparently due to the fact that Remedy Entertainment weren't ready to release the game.  Perhaps they found some issues with the story, but the TV show is probably most to-blame for the wait.  This game uses cinematic storytelling and a real TV mini series to unpack what's going on.  Knowing Remedy and Sam Lake, they really want this to land as perhaps the most important game of launched so far on any current-gen platform.  It looks incredible and if I had to take a 6-12 month delay to make sure it is perfect, that's an easy decision to make.
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    By:Kenzibit (Reader since 2010).
  • If I ask a question it's because I'm genuinely interested. I actually read and reply to these comments. Sorry if you don't like it.
  • Can you stop telling them how to do their fing jobs! I enjoy the questions. If you dont like it dont read it!
  • Definitely understand the feeling especially in regards to destiny but Remedy is a team that has always delivered, I'm willing to bet the wait will be worth while. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh look another Exclusive that PlayStation doesn't have ;)
  • Oh look! Xbox is finally getting a worthwhile exclusive.
  • Sunset Overdrive has something to say about that.
  • April is soooooo far away!!! Can't wait to experience Remedy's latest. Alan Wake is in my top 3 of the last generation.
  • Alan Wake is undoubtedly one of the best horror games I've played. It's not one of these mediocre jumpscare games that keep getting milked with repetitive sequels. I've been waiting years for another Alan Wake game and this is really good news!!
  • Love the atmosphere in Alan Wake. :3 When all the trees start shaking, it's awesome.
  • Exactly! Alan Wake is one of my favorite games, the night, the trees, shadows...and the hope in the form of a distant light.
  • I have something hard in my pants after reading about this hint to a sequel. I wanna know what happens next in Bright Falls!
  • I loved specially how they made the game in "chapters" just like a book! Of course many other games nowadays are taking the idea but Alan Wake was the one that used it better :)
  • Tell them to release a collectors edition for Quantum Break I will preorder the hell out of that.
  • ALAN WAKE 2!!!! Whooaaa!!!
  • Really hope for Alan Wake 2! And can't wait for QB!
  • I hope he means Windows 10 version... If they are just doing a goddamned steam release, they can start forgetting about my money.
  • Forget about any pc version for now..
  • I doubt a Microsoft-exclusive game would come to Steam now that Windows 10 is out.
  • Alan Wake only came to PC when the franchise was finally freed from the grasps of Microsoft, eventually Nordic games took care of it.
  • I highly doubt they are only going to cater to a small percentage of PC owners that would be stupid. Personality I don't want them to utilise either system but I'm not going to have a hissy fit if they do.
  • I don't think so. Steam releases are a lot more successful than anything in Windows Store. Why would you ever expect that?
  • Because Microsoft owns Quantum Break and because Steam is a competitor to Xbox and the Windows 10 Store. It would be foolish for Microsoft to bring a AAA game to PC and then release it on an enemy platform. It should only be in the Windows 10 Store, as an Xbox title, as should all of Microsoft Studios' other games.
  • It's not an enemy platform, this isn't war, it's fucking video games. If Microsoft are going to release apps in other OS's they aren't going to give two shits about releasing games on Steam. Besides the windows store is terrible, navigation is pathetic and it takes forever to load.
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  • I asked in forum but got no reply
  • Yes! I love Alan Wake! Giiiff
  • If Quantum Break comes on PC, then it's awesome!
    But it would likely come on Steam than Windows 10 as there are still way too many users who haven't upgraded so that would significantly reduce the target sales... But a Windows 10 version would likely evade piracy Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I dunno, they're releasing a bunch of games exclusively for Windows 10 precisely to help get people to upgrade. It would make sense imo.
  • With their track record we won't see Alan Wake 2 until 2019
  • Hahaha or even later
  • Alan Wake was great. The video prequels leading up to the game were fantastic. YouTube "Alan Wake Bright Falls." And Machinama's analysis ("what the bright falls") was equally entertaining.
  • Alan Wake is all we need.. Not enough good things can be said about this game..
  • Alan Wake is one of my favorite 360 games of all time and is in a tie with Dead Space for the best horror game. Everything was perfect and the early demo showed in 2005 blew me away a decade ago. Remedy rocks! I can't wait for backward compatibility and quantum break. Yay to Microsoft for picking the right people to invest in.
  • I have never played alan wake. The joys of too many games to play.
  • Woooohooooo! Alan Wake 2! And Quantum Break on PC. I couldn't be happier. I'm a broke ass PC gamer with no money for consoles yet. I really need to graduate and get a job first. :D
  • I have been clamoring for Alan Wake 2 as soon as I finished the core game and all of the DLC. Hopefully after Quantum Break is out the door and into the wild, Phil and Sam announce Alan Wake 2 is coming to the X1!
  • Guys did you heard about asphalt nitro in ios and android . When is it going to be in windows phone too
  • L-O-V-E LOVED, Alan Wake. I really enjoy a game with a deep story. Especially something spooky or Sci Fi. If you havn't played Alan Wake it's cheaply purchased off Steam and holds up wonderfully on the PC for technically being a 5 year old game. Can't speak for XBOX 360 though as I never played it on that system.  Anyway this is exciting news.  // J
  • I would love an Alan Wake 2. =D
  • Alan Wake was a awesome game. I however brought the novelization and that was rubbish, which is ironic of you think about it
  • yes a sequel would be sick