Quantum Break

The announcement of Quantum Break for Windows 10 brought with it some pretty crazy recommended specs. We're expecting it to be taxing on any machine, but recommending a GTX 980ti or AMD Fury X shocked many. After all, these are $500+ graphics cards.

Remedy has now released some updated requirements which are a little more manageable for many of us. They're still high, but those previously recommended specs are actually what you'll need for Ultra settings.

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The minimum requirements remain the same, but the recommended GPU has come down to a GTX 970 or R9 390 with 4GB VRAM. 16GB of RAM is still suggested, and you'll be wanting a Core i5 4690 processor or higher. And of course, Quantum Break is Windows 10 only and uses DX12.

So, you don't have to have the highest end graphics cards to get a great experience from Quantum Break after all. Panic over.

Source: @QuantumBreak

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