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Quantum Break on Windows 10 is shaping up really well

The very fact we would have doubt is a sad prospect, but given the less than perfect introduction the Windows 10 Store has had with AAA games, it's there. Microsoft might be giving it away to Xbox One pre-order customers, but it's not to those who just want it on the PC.

Not that being free to anyone excuses anything.

It's fortunate then that from what we've seen, the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break is solid. Microsoft has been offering the British public it's first chance to get it's hands on the eagerly awaited title at the recent Insomnia Gaming Festival, on both PC and console.

The actual content of the demo is nothing different to that which you've seen already in our preview and our stream. But that's all in the hands of reviewers. This was the first time the general public could get their hands on Quantum Break, and that includes me. Since I'm not one of the cool kids.

Having tried both the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions there's little to say between the two. Graphically, the PC game looks sharper, which is understandable, and seemed almost completely glitch free. There were a couple of moments where things looked like they got a little out of shape, but equally that could have been one of the many special effects littered throughout the game. It was tough to tell. Maybe the very nature of Quantum Break could hide any glitches in plain sight?

But it was mostly smooth as butter, the animations on the faces look great, the movement is sharp and the action is fast and furious when the bullets start to fly. This may well be a controlled demo, but that doesn't always mean success. But as pointed out in our preview, the environments are sublime. There's so much detail, so many destructible objects and the effect that Jack Joyce's time bending powers have on the world around him will never get boring.

I didn't get long to play, but for my eyes there was no discernible difference between the two save for the graphics. And that's a good thing. It certainly didn't feel like Quantum Break has been rushed to the PC. Of course the true test will be April 5, when it gets into the hands of the paying public and onto PCs of varying hardware levels around the world. And playing with an Xbox One controller is so familiar, it really did feel like a better looking console experience. Aside from peering into a monitor and not a TV.

And what of the game itself? I played from the beginning, and the opening sucked me right in. I'm a sucker for a good story, something to immerse you in the action, and Quantum Break seems to have that in spades. I've also been hearing some of what our review team has been saying, and needless to say, I think this is going to be big.

Our full review of Quantum Break on the Xbox One will be with you in the coming days, and you won't want to miss that. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time.

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Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • All that's been on my mind since last week is QB,QB,QB,QB.....ooh need some fast cash to get this game. BioResearch & Games.
  • This will be another brilliant Remedy game.
  • Why was the introduction of AAA games to Windows Store less than perfect?
  • Bugs, download issues, missing features that gamers care about (some of which was addressed by Phil Spencer at Build yesterday.)
  • I played the new Tomb Raider from the Windows Store and didn't have any issues. I think the only people that did were those with Free/G-sync monitors, and people that rely on the Steam overlay.
  • It wasn't. The introduction of AAA games to the Windows Store was fine. It's just that a tiny, vocal minority of anti-Microsoft yahoos went on a vitriolic rampage because a tiny number of features that only a tiny number of gamers actually use weren't immediately available on games they otherwise wouldn't have been able to play at all.
  • Not being able to turn off Vsync and adjust graphics settings is bad. Not being able to use your favorite mods isn't great, either. Don't pretend like Microsoft released the platform without issues, because it just keeps those issues from being fixed. It wasn't apocalyptically bad, but it wasn't amazingly good, either. It was bare-minimum, putting the games in the Store, but without features consumers are used to. It needs work, and that's why Microsoft said as much yesterday.
  • Nothing is perfect. The uproar over the Windows 10 Store was so hyperbolically blown out of proportion that all gaming "journalists" who wrote their vitriolic, condemnations about it should be ashamed of themselves, as should those poseurs who infest online idiocracies like Reddit, most of who whined about the paucity of obscure missing features that most people don't care about, when they should've been praising Microsoft for bringing to PC games that otherwise wouldn't be on PC. The Windows 10 Store releases were far beyond adequate and praiseworthy for how far ahead of the game they were for a digital Store that is far less than a year old.
  • It sounds like you're mostly aiming that at Epic's employee who isn't an actual journalist. There were a couple of articles that brought it up from actual writers, and it was overstated. The negativity is too heavy, and ignores the major negative of getting Microsoft-published games to PC (the major IPs that haven't popped by in a decade). Calling basic graphics settings "obscure" though? That's an ignorant extreme in the other direction. There is a major market for high-end gaming on PC, and those people care about these things. That you don't does not serve as validation of your complaint against fair criticism. Remember that you're the person who repeatedly railed on Microsoft over Kinect, even though it had a poor showing among consumers and developers alike.
  • That's a false analogy. Microsoft deserves to be sued for their lies about Kinect. They stated "Kinect is Xbox One", they asserted that "Kinect would never be unbundled from Xbox One", then they failed to deliver more than a handful of games, removed features like Kinect gestures that some people based purchasing decisions on, and haven't released a Kinect game in 1.5 years and counting. That's garbage. In contrast, nowhere did Microsoft say before the launch of AAA games in the Windows 10 Store that "we promise V-sync can be disabled at launch". V-sync isn't a "basic graphics setting". Don't make the mistake of generalizing the needs of a niche for the majority.
  • No one is claiming Microsoft promised that at launch, people just expected it since that's how we've been gaming for the past decade. Gamers found out about the limitations themselves. Micrsoft didn't say anything about these issues beforehand, to my knowledge. Also, yes. V-sync is a basic graphics setting. I can toggle it on and off for basically every game I own. Yet I see you went straight to dismissing the setting by calling it niche. You know what is niche? Using Kinect gestures for UI navigation.
  • You're throwing a large serving of bias on top of your complaint. If YOU aren't receptive, it deserves a lawsuit. If others aren't, but you don't care, you essentially deem it overblown trolling. The ridiculousness you display with that kind of response makes further discussion a waste of time. You seem uninterested in intelligently discussing the matter, so I'm not going to bother trying.
  • I see you're still dismissing valid complaints, then calling those people "anti-Microsoft yahoos."  Not being able to turn v-sync off is not some obscure feature. Go to any gaming website and you'll see they generally don't share your opinion. Reporters shouldn't be ashamed of reporting facts and as a consumer, I'm certainly not ashamed about complaining about the shortcomings of a platform I'm pouring money into. But what do I know? I'm just a Microsoft hater who happens to own an Xbox One, Surface Pro, Lumia 950, W10 desktop and other Microsoft products.
  • I see you did not understand my comment at all.
  • I understood your comment perfectly fine. It's the same BS you've been touting since these issues were first highlighted. This time you forgot to mention the benefits of gaming on the UWP without actually saying what those benefits are.
  • I hope the issues do get fixed. The only other thing id like to see is the AAA games get their own category in the store. But the store is new people need to give it time. Look how steam started out and how long it took them to get were they are now.
  • April 5? That feels like an eternity away.