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Have questions about Windows 8.1? Microsoft is ready to respond on Reddit and Twitter.

UPDATE: Check out the highlights from Tuesday's Reddit chat by clicking here.

Today is an exciting day that marks the release of Windows 8’s first upgrade – Windows 8.1. The free software update for existing Windows 8 users can be picked up from the Windows Store or purchased from your favorite retailer, if you are running an older version of the operating system (for more details on getting the update, click here).

If you want to know the basics and changes that come with the update, you can check out our quick start guide that addresses many of the changes brought to the Start screen and legacy desktop.

If you still have more questions that remain after checking out our quick start guide, you can always chat up the Windows team and ask them your questions. At 1:30 PM EST, Microsoft will be holding a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session until 3 PM EST. You can feel free to step in and get your questions answered by Microsoft personnel.

You can also hit up Microsoft’s official Windows Twitter account from 3 PM to 4 PM, during which, a live chat will be held under the hashtag, “#Winchat”.

Lastly we would like to remind our readers about our WPCentral forum, from which you can easily talk to the community and get help from your own peers. In addition to our sub forum for any questions relating to Windows 8, we also have other sub forums about specific Windows Phones and Windows tablets. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to head over to the forums and get to know some of your fellow Microsoft fans and readers!

Do you have any burning questions about Windows 8.1 – have you checked our guide first?

(A link to the Reddit AMA will be posted when it goes live)

Source: Neowin

  • Downloading pro and RT (UK) atm. Excited!
  • Hope someone will ask if they will fix titlebar text color.
  • Nope. Don't fix what isn't broke
  • I'm currently downloading and excitied too. But a little apprehensive about how much hard drive capacity I'll have left on my Surface RT 32GB. 
  • I worried about this on my XPS 10. I had 12gb free after all my apps were installed.
  • Remember, you can remove the recovery partition onto a USB to gain more space
  • You can also hack in and change the apps to read/load off of a micro SD card. I did that to my surface 32gb. Now its basically a 64gb.
  • How did you make the apps read/load to the SD card?? Please tell...
  • Did you ever figure it out?
  • How can I install on my when i cant get into the store?!? Resolution too low
  • There's a resolution hack you can do on netbooks and devices with low resolution, google 'windows 8 resolution hack'
  • Yea, except that only works with awful Intel graphics. In a decent netbook with either Ati or Nvidia graphics, this hack won't work. Instead, simply plug your netbook into your monitor or TV. Very easy.
  • Well, its arm Intel. The system crashes ir I hack it or use a larger screen.
  • I notice that the small tiles go in a 2x2 formation then move to the right, doing another 2x2. That sucks. I like it like my WinPhone, where I have 4 apps going across, then another 4 going across... alphabetized!
  • I agree. I spent an hour trying to trick it. Gave up
  • Not sure about 8.1, as I'm not keen on going backwards re. start button and reduced Gallery compatibility with social media. I will try it. I may stay on 8. Anyone heard when Win8 SP1 is due out? That might be more my OS.
  • Wouldn't 8.1 technically be sp1?
  • Really? The way this has been sold, I got the impression it was a whole new Windows OS version. That's confusing. I just want bug fixes and polish my SPs, not conceptual shifts. Also, to upgrade my netbook from Win7 to 8.1 certainly costs like there's been a new OS release. No cheap upgrade version like with Win8. I really can't see this as a Win8 service pack, it's not looking very much like one.
  • I'm not sure why you expect a cheap upgrade now from Win7 to Win8 (8.1 or not). While not called a service pack, it's a new iteration of Windows 8, not a new OS. Either way, you missed the (very slow moving) boat that allowed you to upgrade on the cheap.
  • wow.... I thought Windows 8.1 had an EIGHT on it no? is it free no? yeah its free. its obvious Service Packs have been replaced for a good fast development cycle. its not confusing... maybe for YOU but not for others. Windows 8.1 its windows 8... just free upgraded version with alot of new cool things. I dont know why you seem to try to make sense but you know, you dont know what you are talking about.
    ehmm what makes service packs better anyway? if you know so much about it, can you teach us?
    also why would they give you a cheap Windows 8.1 upgrade? why didnt you buy a win8 upgrade for your netbook even if you werent going to install it, just in case, since you knew that cheap upgrade offer had an deadline and you take it... so not-MIcrosoft's-fault.
    and its OBVIOUS its not a service pack because service pack rarely brought something new to a Windows release, again, this is more than a service pack which is better for Windows, and Windows 8 in this case, because it needs fast development cycle, just like any other OS.
  • Microsoft will stop releasing any updates for Windows 8, only for Windows 8.1.
  • There is no 8 sp1.
  • I am aware of that. I am asking about when there will be an SP1. Win8 is still in its support cycle so there's no way MS will abandon it already. Heck, they're releasing IE11 for Win7 so there's some time before we can write off Win8 as obsolete.
  • Win8 is not a separate os from 8.1...8.1 is the sp1 for windows 8...which is why it's free from 8 to 8.1 but not 7 to 8.1...just like vista to 7 sp1 wasn't free.
  • You're not making any sense..
  • 8.1 *is* SP1.
  • Um....wut?
  • I would love to ask them why you put those customers who are using preview make them go through the hoop-la of reinstalling Windows 8 & then downloading the update?
  • I'm running Windows 8.1 Preview right now and its letting me download 8.1 from the store with no reinstall in sight yet. I'll let you know what happens.
  • I have tried a couple times and each time reverts to Win 8.1 Preview. From what I have read, you should be able to simply upgrade from the preview but it is looking more like revert. :(
  • If you can't see the update in the store copy this link and put it in the address bar ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade (WP Central won't let you click it) & you'll see it =)
    I'm running the Preview & on a differnt computer I found out what the link was =P
    Others might find this useful as well:
  • hey thanks it was driving me crazy
    now i am downloading it too
  • But i cant see the download status
    it went to back to the home screen of the store :(
    how can i check if its downloading or not?
  • Trust me it will be, I had the same issue I just kept exiting and going back in then restarted the computer and opened it again (using that link) & saw that it had gone about 10% & my internet is slow as...and it's being downloaded on 3 computers lol.
    But yeah you can do the same thing as me or just wait for the pop up that'll show up when it's finished (I'm expecting it to be the same as the Preview Install)
  • Oddly enough I was able to upgrade from 8.1 Preview to 8.1 on my old laptop but it failed to upgrade from 8 to 8.1 on my Surface Pro...
  • Off topic but Dan or jay any idea on when if at all we will see a wpcentral app on w8.1
  • How large is the update?
  • It said 2.4 or 2.9gigs on my surface when I downloaded it, can't remember
  • Rt was over 2gb for me.
  • mine is 2.11 gb
  • 3.4 in my laptop
  • Pro is 3.6
  • It annoys me to no end that I now have to use a Microsoft Account instead of a local account to use SkyDrive. They even disabled the old SkyDrive desktop app. Now I have to design a solution using symbolic linking and libraries to replicate the behavior I had before
  • Skydrive is baked right into the os file system.
  • Not if you use a Local Account. You must convert to a MS account user which is a step backwards.
  • I don't see how it's a step backwards?
  • Can we download the upgrade (from win 8.0) through a website? I have 3 PCs to upgrade and I'd rather download just one time. Plus the surface pros are on WiFi, not Ethernet, so that is slower too
  • 8.1 really improves the Surface RT.
  • I like that you can set 4 rows of tiles on RT. Go to setting on the start screen, select tiles, then show more tiles! Its about time!
  • You mean EDT, not EST
  • Even though I closed them, Metro apps are still showing up in the task manager. I can't seem to get rid of them unless I kill it in the task manager. Is this a new feature?
  • Bing and Google are too hard to use these days?
    Windows 8.1 works different... and even though WIN8 apps run on background they get suspended. if you are low on memory (which wont happen if you have a new system) those apps will get closed automatically.
    why are you even looking at task manager if you cant even search for an answer in a real search engine anyway?
    but if you watched videos about Win8.1, or in forums and stuff. you would notice to close apps you can alt+f4 (oh yeaaaaaaah it still works... wow... just like old desktop apps... how is that possible????????)
    AND you can drag and hold your app on the bottom of the screen until it changes icon... then you can let it go and it will close in some seconds.
  • Thanks. I've read a few 8.1 reviews but I didn't realize they changed the swipe-down behavior from W8.0. Cool.
  • Windows 8.1 tombstones apps when you drag them to the bottom...they don't use CPU cycles and will be dropped from memory if you need the memory. Basically you don't need to close them.
  • For anyone that used the keyboard shortcuts to snap apps. You do it still by pressing Win + . But instead use the arrows to select the app or app divider. Pressing up on an app will make it full screen while down closes it.
  • Hi everybody here, I am having a problem of cannot connect to the store when I open my windows store. Are there any solution for it?
  • Restart your computer and make sure when you look in settings to make sure everything is up to date
  • I have restarted my PC several time already. And what do you mean by setting is up to date?
  • Microsoft, can you explain to me why is people so retarded about Windows 8? why do they are so stupid in judging something they havent even tried? why do they call it "tablet interface" if it actually works better with mouse and keyboard?
    Micrsoft can you explain to me why would they say Windows 8 sucks and its only for tablets, when it clearly still have the desktop which works fairly better or the same than old win7.
    why are there stupid "I will stay windows 7/wait for windows 9" people?
    Why is there so many stupid people on internet, can you explain to me Microsoft? cant you do something about it like... make them disappear? can you give them a software update to make their brain start working?
    I just wanna know Microsoft, why is human race so stupid? its sad to know I live surrounded of so many humans.
  • I personally don't know what this post has to do with the subject matter. How does attacking people, who ask general questions make any sense? Mixing people who have legitimate questions about windows phone 8, windows 8, and xbox one with ignorant fanboys of other operating systems, and uninformed people is not okay in this aspect. Wishing that the human race was extinct because they don't agree with your views, or are not as knowledgable in a particular product shows the opposite of intelligence. Finally did you know that you, yourself are in fact a human?!? Its true look it up! Rather than post your verbally abusive excuses for comments, why not generally help people truly understand what it is you want them to know?
  • Having  all the same issue after app is preparing to restart pc its says error 0x80004005
  • Restart your computer and make sure when you look in settings to make sure everything is up to date
  • Everything is up to date and have restarted several times. Still same error with app
  • No update yet north carolina
  • Error 0xC1900101 - microsoft?This is an update, it should work be itself. I want my money back!!!
  • I asked about rooms in Windows 8. Might be more of a messenger / Skype question but I hope they address it!!
  • I started to download the update at 11. I'm 40% done in 3 hours. Come on!!
  • My Skype app in the metro side of the os is no longer functioning ...i have uninstalled and reinstalled but it never loads the app anymore. On my desktop Skype can be downloaded and functions just fine using the desktop shortcut to open up. Anyone having same issue?
  • My computer updated, restarted and now Is Stuck at "Setting up 78%" for at least an hour... Wtf??? The wheel is still spinning.....
  • I have a practically mint HP Envy i7 Quad... Shouldn't take THAT long
  • I tried to get the new 8.1 download from my store icon on my computer and it wasn't there. I did load the 8.1 preview a few weeks ago and thought I could load the update yesterday. Has anyone had the same problem? and what did you do to fix it???
  • hi. after updating my window 8 to window 8.1 i experience some problem. if i scrolling my screen the apps is like waving. and if im browing my internet. what can i do to fi it. thanks so much. please help me.
  • when i try to log into and internest site with my personal password I get this blue bar across the top that wants an additional password. it also has a submit button after adding a password. to the far left on this blue bar is a small curved arrow with three dots in small box this blue box and password is preventing me from getting on the web page; how do i get rid of this blue box?
  • please i have a problem when i need to sign in my email , there alwyes give me a problem " date and time " and prevent me sign in < please help