Quick tip for getting the Nokia Lumia 1020 online through the Microsoft Store

Today is the day for pre-ordering your Lumia 1020. Right now AT&T has their page set up (and Best Buy), ready for to take your order for the device and its accessories. But a few of you have been clicking the refresh page for the Microsoft Store so you can grab that free camera grip!

But it’s not live yet, here’s how you can order the Lumia 1020 through the Microsoft Store.

For whatever reason, the main page for the Lumia 1020 doesn’t have any links for taking your pre-order yet at the Microsoft Store. But it’s totally possible to get it right now.

The trick is to select another Windows Phone on AT&T as your device (like the HTC 8X or Lumia 920). Once you’ve done that and you’re on the order page you opt to “change device”. This will give you the option to select other phones on AT&T, like the Lumia 1020.

To save you the hassle, click this link to go to the Microsoft Store. Once there, just click "change device" to select between the different colors of the Lumia 1020. Update: No more tricks, it's up for reals now

Now the big question, which color are you going to get? Be sure to take our poll after you grab the device.

Thanks for the tip SSAPRE!

Source: Microsoft Store

Sam Sabri