Want a free camera grip with your Nokia Lumia 1020? Get it at the Microsoft Store

The Nokia Lumia 1020 was officially announced yesterday. The device will be an exclusive on AT&T here in the United States. Abroad we’re looking at Telefonica/O2 getting it in September (and they have a 64GB version to boot). It’s a sweet smartphone and there are about 41 million reasons you should get one. It’s also launching with a camera grip that adds more battery life and improves ergonomics when taking pics. Get it for free through the Microsoft Store.

Head on over to the Microsoft Store’s landing page for the Nokia Lumia 1020 and you’ll learn some fun facts. You’ll be able to pre-order the device on July 16th and if you do so with a 2 year contract you’ll get a free camera grip for your phone. It’s not a bad deal if you were planning on doing the same thing through the AT&T store.

The phone is available in all three launch colors – yellow, black, and white. Something else readers have pointed out to us is that the Microsoft Store lists a 64GB version is available in the tech specs. We suspect this is only a typo and will be fixed shortly. Although many of us (and you) would love to see a 64GB version of the Lumia 1020, it’s still a Telefonica exclusive as far as we know. Sorry to break hearts.

The Lumia 1020 will costs $299 on contract. Not sold on the Lumia 1020 yet? Check out our hands-on with it.

Thanks for the tip Erzhik!

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Sam Sabri
  • Sweet deal! Wish ATT offered something similar.
  • as far as i understand it - that deal is through Microsoft as an ATT deal
  • Dude. You live in SD. You have that sweet MS Store at the mall right there. Forget ATT lol
  • Hey Sam, do you know if the 1020 from Msft Store would be unlocked?
  • It won't be. It's just the AT&T version. 
  • Ok thank you... I guess I would just have to settle for the 928 or 925...
  • Hah! I don't think I'll be getting the 1020 Sam, I still have quite some time left on my L920 contract and moreover, I love this phone. I was hoping ATT would offer something similar because that's where most of the potential 1020 customers will be buying the phone from.
    Knew you were based in SoCal. Are you in SD too?
  • Well poot. I was the first to post this in the forums yesterday. Guess I should have sent in a tip?
  • Will this Microsoft offer apply if you are already on ATT and are eligible to upgrade from old device?
  • I will be ordering this through Microsoft :P.
  • Has anybody heard if/when Rogers is getting the 1020? I'm on Tmo USA and I love my 920 but that 1020 looks awesome.
  • Mobilesyrup said Lumia 1020 is coming to Canada this quarter, but no details re: pricing, carriers or exact dates.
  • I was wondering the same thing. If Rogers does get it, I will be getting this one instead of the 925. If not, I'm completely happy to get the 925.
  • Well I just read the Microsoft store will have a 32 & 64 GB version. Hopefully Rogers will too.
  • Will it be available off-contract on the 26th?
  • Will the cam adapter work on the 920?
  • I not an official representative, but looking at the 1020 and the 920, I'm going to say "no, it won't"
  • God, now I have to order it. Thats $79 savings.
  • Ha! Just what I was thinking. ;)
  • Here's to hoping is not a typo. I'd get the 64gb if avai.
  • If it's 64GB for 299 plus free gripmabob that is a good offer. I'm still on the fence because of the other storage bug and crappy synch that I've read about.
  • Can I upgrade through Microsoft store? Or you have to be a new customer?
  • You can upgrade through Microsoft.
  • cool....I'm so getting this. Time to upgrade my cracked screen 900. ;-)
  • Well... I want 1020 first xD
  • AS much as I want the 1020, at $300 I think I will wait for the price to drop. These flagship tend to drop is price as the year goes on and WP has a reputation for dropping in price faster that the other phones. Once the next phones with the new chipsets are introduced, this phone should get cheaper. I don't think I will have too long to wait.
  • I'm not sure if all Microsoft stores do this. The one that I bought my phone from gave back money in the form of a gift card when the cost of the phone was reduced.
  • Sounds like you are talking about getting a refund when the cost goes down after a purchse. I am talking about waiting until the price goes down before a purchase.
  • Bought a 928 for $100 from VZW two weeks later its $20 at Amazon
  • but surprisingly out-of-contract price is usually remain same :( 
  • Not true... I can get a 920 for around $470 now, but they launched at over $700
  • Untrue... I bought at launch day for $450+tax in San Francisco, wanna see the receipt :)
  • Clearly US prices aren't based in reality to begin with then :P :P In Australia, most of the mobiles are launching around the $700-800 mark and dropping during special promotions or just before the new models come out. That was the case in June when we had all the EOFY sales (prices dropped to around $470 with wireless pads thrown in for free) and new models being announced now / coming out soon.
  • last time i checked there wasnt some fucked up law that said all phones had to be sold with a carrier plan.  Microsoft needs to offer unbranded 1020s along side the ATT rube versions.
  • Nokia, not Microsoft.
  • Nokia doesnt have (many) dedicated stores in the US like Microsoft does.
  • How much off contract?
  • $699
  • Doneski - was going to upgrade through AT&T but will absolutely go with MSFT store now. Fortunately have 2 in OC to choose from.
  • Oh yeah, the South Coast location was the first MS Store I went to a few years back. 
  • I *want* to preorder with that offer but I want to see the colors in person (I'm considering white or black; not sure yet). For those that have seen the 1020 in person (read: editors on this site), are they the exact same as the current Nokia 920? For those of you that have used the white Lumia 920, how has it held up to heavy use? Scuffs? Scratches? Smudges? The reason I ask is that I want the white with black accs so it has a kind of stormtrooper look (dorky, i know...but that's me). But if the camera is gonna look worn after only a few months, I'll get the black...sigh...
    Insight? Informed opinion?
  • If Nokia does not sell a 64Gb 1020 through MS, banded, locked or not, they are insane!
  • Completely agree - 32GB and no microSD is just plain dumb on a phone like this.
  • +1
    A waste...
  • I would get one if they would have it in more colors. I would love to have it in either Bright Red, Signal Orange, Poisones Green or Sky Blue/Cyan.
    But in the given colors I'm not really interested. Currently I own a Black L920 but only because at the time it came out I happen to be in need of new phone, but red was nowere to be found (will change the casing to red soon though, but first I wait if they might announce other colors for the L1020). :/
  • Fuck you att that is all
  • Oh yes! Fuck AT&T !!
  • owh only for AT&T
  • Knock knock knocking on ms store knock knock knocking on ms store momma put my 920 in the ground I can't use it anymore...
  • So, is the Telefonica deal oficial???
    Can I order at Telefonica? Where? Links please?!!!
  • Hmm. @ $300 + 36$ upgrade fee. Plus taxes your looking at 360$ to get the phone. I'm so like ugh.
  • I want one for my 920.