QuickDeposit feature fixed on Chase Mobile for Windows Phone 8

One of the many features on the Chase Mobile app for your Windows Phone 8 device is QuickDeposit. This is where you take a photo of your check to make the deposit.

Well... there was a bug in this feature that created a conflict and stored the check image in your Pictures Hub. Chase pulled the app and would eventually put the app back on the Windows Phone Store shelve with the QuickDeposit feature disabled.

Apparently, Chase has fixed whatever needed to be fixed on their end and the QuickDeposit feature is once again up and running. If you're a Chase bank customer and haven't tried their free mobile app out yet, you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

If you're already using the Chase Mobile app, let us know in the comments if you're having success using the QuickDeposit feature.

Thanks, Mauler X, for the tip!

QR: Chase Mobile

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  • Ever since Chase brought this app to the platform, they have been great at continuing to develop for it.  I rewarded them by moving my primary accounts from Wells Fargo over.  Glad to see that continue by fixing the QuickDeposit feature quickly.
  • This fix could not have come at a better time. I'm expecting a company bonus this week so I'll definitely be testing it then. :-)
  • This fix has been fixed for a while... At least for me. I feel like I've been QuickDepositing on my 8X for months.
  • That's impossible. The app was last updated on Dec. 21 (about one month ago) and it did not have the feature enabled. Also, if you read the user reviews people were complaining about this up until the 21st of this month. Definitely recent. Maybe a few days now.
  • Months, Weeks, eh my fault. Point is, I thought this had been fixes as it's been working fine for me.
  • My girlfriend has been using this app on her HTC 8X to make deposits for at least a month. Just sayin'.
  • This has been working for me for about a month. I've deposited 5-6 checks in that time and they've all posted.
  • Could Chase please tell USAA the fix so I can get my banking app back?
  • Lol, really.
  • That's what I'm talking about, that's the only thing I'm missing coming from Android.
  • Used it yesterday!!
  • I'm still waiting on PNC Bank to release a Windows Phone app. They still say they support Windows Mobile 6.x on their site!
  • That's why I have a Tilt, a Titan, and a 920. Lol.
  • It would cheaper to hire a limousine to drive you to the bank
  • Hahah
  • Screw Chase. I was a victim of their account closures a few days ago. No reason, just something their risk management found. I didn't even have a real account, it was that stupid liquid card which is just a debit card. I was excited to get to use the feature on my phone. Thank goodness I'm a chronic procrastinator and hadn't yet set up my direct deposit. They hold your money for 10 days to do their "research" and then close the account. They can even say it was closed at the request of the customer, even if that is not the case apparently.  I've only praised them and WaMu who that boughtout. Now they're a bank I would never recommend.
  • They do not do that to my direct deposits. I use them for all of my banking needs after switching from Charter One a couple of years ago which that is a bank always behind the times with technology.
  • Time for BofA to fix theirs
  • Just happy to have the feature back... Started to use the feature for payments from my clients and bam it was gone... I have some checks I need to repost now as I have not be able to get to the bank.
  • Is Chase pretty good? My Citibank branch which was about .8 miles from my house closed and now I have to drive a 45 min round trip to make my frequent deposits.
  • I dig Chase...lots of nice web features. Also nice freebies on your account if you keep a certain $$ threshold.
  • Just check this out nuff said!
  • Good for lazy people like me who occasionally cash rebate checks and of the sort. Haven't been to a branch in a while
  • Love chase and they're app been using quick deposits for a few weeks now. Now if only TD Bank would make an app I'll have my girl completely satisfied with our 920's...