QuizBlaster, a competitive trivia game for Windows Phone 8

If you like trivia games, QuizBlaster is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that will test your knowledge and speed. 

QuizBlaster is played in rounds of ten questions and you compete online against other QuizBlaster players to see who can score the most points.  There is a little room for improvement but overall, QuizBlaster is a challenging trivia game for Windows Phone 8.

When you first launch QuizBlaster, you will need to create a player account.  You can do by registering through your Facebook or Twitter account or you can create one through an email address.

QuizBlaster Main Menu and Settings

Once an account is created you will be taken to the game’s main menu where options to play the game, view your stats, and view the online leaderboard are present.  The main menu also offers access to a help screen, the game’s settings and a link to contribute new questions to the developer.  Settings cover turning on/off the game sounds and music, edit your profile and sign out of the game.

Games are played in rounds of ten questions.  You have ten seconds to answer each question and the longer you take, the fewer points you earn.  Correct answers are highlighted in green when tapped and incorrect in red.  If you choose the wrong answer, the correct answer will be highlighted.

QuizBlaster Game Screens and Scoring Summary

At the end of the round, your scoring summary will appear with an opportunity to review the questions/answers.  A few seconds later the round scoring summary will appear showing how your score faired compared to other player scores.  After a few seconds of reviewing the scoreboard, another round of questions will launch.

Question topics include geography, politics, science, arts, sports, and range from the simple to trivia master level.  QuizBlaster can be rather humbling.  While we found QuizBlaster to be a good, head-scratcher of a game but there is room for improvement.

For example, some of the questions are so wordy that it takes the full ten seconds to read.  I would not mind seeing the game show the question, give players a few seconds to read it, and then reveal the answers, which will start the ten-second timer.  The current format does add the challenge of speed to the game but at times, it is almost unfair.  Still, all in all, QuizBlaster is a nice option to consider if you need a quick trivia gaming fix.

QuizBlaster is a free game, available for Windows Phone 8 that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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