Join the crazy Rabbids in space as they explode onto Xbox Live for Windows Phone 8

Big Bang is the first Rabbids game we've had on Windows Phone 8. If you're not familiar with the franchise, Rabbids are crazy, raving rabbits that cause mischief and wreck havoc wherever they go. In this physics-based title, the pesky little terrors are in space and require you, the player to help pilot them about. 

Are you ready to become an expert Rabbit pilot? Good stuff. The goal is to thrust a Rabbid into space, control its trajectory using a jetpack and planet gravity to complete 150 silly, whacky and challenging missions. Players are able to traverse through 10 different galaxies, each offering 15 unique missions. 

Doesn't sound crazy enough to be a Rabbids game? How about bouncing on Space Duckies, hitting Space Cows or even flying your Rabbid to the Sun? You're surely getting the idea now, when firing up Big Bang you're to forget everything logic and immerse yourself into the universe of the unknown. 

A ranking system is present to progress with your Rabbid and unlock achievements. Upgrades and customisations are available for the Rabbit, enabling you to personalise the experience slightly to how you'd like to progress. When playing through levels, be sure to collect coins to upgrade the jetpack and increase its power output. Helmets, bats and more are available to create some real interesting looks.

With the crazy space animals, cheese planets and even UFOs, your Rabbid will be screaming "Bwaaah!" alongside yourself as you experience the whacky gameplay of Big Bang. The title is already available on both Android and iOS, but it's good to see Ubisoft expanding its horizons. What's more is Big Bang on Windows Phone is compatible with Xbox Live, just in case those achievements aren't worth anything.

You can download Big Bang from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (Windows Phone 8 only - 41MB). Thanks, Chad, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • xbl coming back to life?
  • I hope so
  • San Andreas?
  • Lmao, Rockstar will release it soon enough.
  • I pray every week to see that happening!
    Also i want to see games that already exist in the Store being updated to XBL titles in the near future!!(Like Subway surfers,minion rush etc.)
    At the moment i m just happy to see devs taking the WP platform serious and releasing many games per day!
  • That's what it seems like - Xbox Live FTW!
  • Xbox Resurrecting 
  • Resurrection in progress - iOS beware! //_^)
  • This isn't the first Rabbids game for Windows Phone.
  • This. There was one for WP7.
  • Meant WP8. Article updated.
  • XBOX Lives on?
  • If it dies.
  • Xbox live will come back like rocky in the later rounds. It will "break" all competitor's.
  • Xbox live!
  • I see what you did there! :3
  • Xbox enabled? Didn't see that coming! O_O
  • A Xbox live game just showed up!!
    Why I am feeling shocked?? :P
  • I hope this stop bitching people about dead xbox live
  • Right, because 2 games in 6 weeks (only the 5th game in 4 months) means everything is A-OK. This is great news as it means that Ubisoft is still on board with Xbox on WP--unlike Gameloft, Rovio, and MiniClip--at least for now, anyway. Next up is a release from EA. That would mean we'd still have at least two big publishers still on board. But now is not the time to get complacent: tweet @Ubisoft and @UbisoftMobile a big #SaveXboxWP thankyou message, but let's not pop the corks off the champagne bottles just yet.
  • Nope, looks like it didn't. Seems like the #SaveXboxWP brigade is out in force yet again :/
  • Naive free rider. While the #SaveXboxWP brigade works to improve the state of gaming on Windows Phone for everyone, you do nothing but troll like a 13-year-old only child. Complacency can never lead to progress. An average of one Xbox game a month for the past 5 months is nothing to be satisfied about. We'll continue prodding Microsoft to support their own platform, for your benefit. You'll continue being an ignoramus. And so it goes.  
  • Well, I'm being ignoramous in this #saveXboxWP, because I don't care about it. Seriously, what so big deal about it?
  • This thread explains why Xbox on Windows Phone is a big deal:
  • 0.99$ + Achievements = sold !!
  • Damn it in broke
  • Xbox Live .. Mind = Blown
  • XBL FTW! //_^)
  • We want GTA. zz
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHEN IS SAN ANDREAS COMING TO US, Now that I got that out, this looks awesome, Insta-buy. 
  • #XboxforWPsaved!! Now they're publishing XbL games anyday, not just wednesday!! Hooooray!! I guess MS did listen.. Three times hooray for MS!
  • Purchased! Just because they implemented xbl
  • Oh no! This game is set not to receive updates!
  • Irrelevant, Mr. Smits! Xbl titles update quite regularly these days, especially Rovio certified.
  • Totally dependent on the publisher. Gameloft still chooses not to update their titles, for the most part.
  • I guess san andreas will be coming is an xbl game. So I dont think we will get b4 year end. Mostly in the first week of jan. They should release san andreas for WP along with tr2 and SS for 512 MB Ram WP with Lumia black update.
  • Has anyone heard anything about PvsZ 2 coming to WP?
  • +2 
  • Good to see Ubisoft continuing to support windows phone. Hope it does well. Happy that it is coming with xbox achievements for those interested in such things.
  • Xbox live big time awesome news!
  • Xbox-titles are giving signs of life? Good! Let this not be an expection.
    I'm buying this only because it's Xbox-enabled. And I'll be sure to put that on the review to let them know WHY they sold the game.  
  • I will do the same!
  • Also be sure to tweet @Ubisoft and @UbisoftMobile directly and tell them that that is the sole reason why you bought the game. Adding it to the review section of the game  is nice, but praising them on Twitter will do even more. #SaveXboxWP. While you're at it, remind them that they're the only major publisher on Windows Phone who doesn't provide free trials with their games, looking at you Rayman and Babel Rising 3D (and now Rabbids).
  • Everyone buy this!! Xbox might be on the rise!!
  • Guys, don't get too happy for these 2 Xbox Live Games (Rabbids and TR2)... These game probably started the certification process several months ago! I have almost sure that if their producers be start to develop another game they won't release with live certification...
  • My gf loves them crazy rabbits this is a must have XD
  • Nice, thanx Microsoft
    I hope there is GTA:SA with Xbox. I kinda feel jealous of Game Center on iOS.
  • Why are you jealous of Game Center on iOS? Xbox is way better than Game Center. We can play Xbox games on Windows Phone, Windows RT tablets, Windows 8 PCs, Xbox 360, Xbox One. It's an awesome, uniform experience across platforms. Game Center is boring.
  • Because several games get Game Center integration, updates don't take months, and heaps of people use it. Id rather game center than have slow updated and late to arrive Xbox Live games on Windows Phone. I prefer it when games skip Xbox Live personally, in its current state it is a massive hassle compared to how it could and should be.
  • To me the cross-platform uniformity (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone) of the Xbox games experience (friends lists, leaderboards, gamerscore, achievements, messages) is much better than what Game Center offers. It is true that the Xbox certification process for Windows Phone needs to be revised (this is one of the goals of the #SaveXboxWP movement on Twitter), but your cliam that updates "take months" is wrong: updates are up to the publisher. EA has updated Xbox-enabled Tetris Blitz six times in past 10 weeks, so clearly games can be updated frequently with Xbox Live. The problem is that some developers don't want to update their games regularly.
  • Xbox!!!!
  • is this uplay enabled?
  • Xbox enabled, yes !   Ubisoft games, yes !   More timely 3rd party all-platform support, yes !   2014 is gonna be a very good year for Windows Phone.
  • I hope Ubisoft amps up their Xbox on WP and Windows 8 efforts. They've got a lot of great games in their arsenal that are worthy of being ported over.
  • Here is a way to support Xbox Live games. Buy Xbox Live games lol
  • Buy Xbox Live games and then tweet to those companies telling them that that is the reason you bought the game, and then tweet #SaveXboxWP to the companies who don't make Xbox Live games anymore (Gameloft, Rovio, MiniClip) and let them know you are spending your money on games that do. That's the best way to support Xbox Live games.
  • Two new Live enabled games in the last few days? Talk about Christmas coming early. I'll be extra happy if GTA:SA also has Live support, because gamerscore and such. I'd be lying if I said I  haven't been looking every couple hours for it in the store.
  • Nice! Who doesn't love the rabbids? And for $0.99 its a steal!