Raiders of the Broken Planet to support cross-play, run at 1440p on Xbox One X

Like a lot of upcoming games, it looks like sci-fi adventure shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet will pack a little something extra for Xbox One X gamers. As reported by WCCFTech, Raiders of the Broken Planet developer MercurySteam has confirmed Xbox One X will run the game at a 1440p resolution.

It's not the full 4K the console is capable of outputting, but MercurySteam says it opted for the lower resolution to prioritize framerates. The game also comes in at a higher resolution than the PS4 Pro's 1260p. From MercurySteam:

The Xbox One X runs the game at 1440p resolution, with a target performance of 60fps. The PS4 Pro runs the game at 1260p resolution, with the same target performance.The team tested the game at full 4K resolution on Xbox One X earlier in development, but going that way would have meant a lower framerate. Thus, it was decided to use the aforementioned resolutions and a smoother, faster gameplay experience.Both platforms will support High Dynamic Range displays.

In addition, MercurySteam says that Raiders of the Broken Planet will support cross-play, but not between Xbox One and PS4 (thanks to a decision by Sony). Rather, Xbox One and Windows 10 users will be able to play with one another at launch, while PS4 and Steam users will play together as well. MercurySteam expects Microsoft to allow cross-play between with the Steam version in the future as well.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a 4-v-1 adventure that puts players in the shoes of either a team of Raiders of a single antagonist trying to stop them. The game's prologue will be released for free on September 22. Subsequent campaigns will be released as DLC, with the first, Alien Myths, coming in at $9.99.

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