Rainbow Six Quarantine to have skins, microtransactions akin to Rainbow Six Siege, says leak

Rainbow Six Quarantine Ela
Rainbow Six Quarantine Ela (Image credit: Ubisoft Entertainment SA)

What you need to know

  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine, Ubisoft's upcoming three-player co-op shooter, will reportedly feature the same cosmetics system as Rainbow Six Siege, according to reputable leak.
  • Ubisoft is expected to resurface Rainbow Six Quarantine on July 12, via its Ubisoft Forward event.

The imminent return of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine looks increasingly likely, with Ubisoft's upcoming July digital event expected to end one year of silence. The mysterious cooperative spin-off saw its debut at E3 2019, promising a three-player, squad-based experience, building on the foundations of Rainbow Six Siege. And while Ubisoft remains tight on details, the backdrop of parasite sweeping the nation expands on Siege's Outbreak event from early 2018.

While details on Rainbow Six Quarantine remain confined to its one-minute teaser trailer, tidbits continue to surface through reputable third-party leaks. The alluded experience stays faithful to Rainbow Six Siege's strategy, including returning playable Operators, their unique gadgetry, and even the same destructive engine. It also appears Quarantine will revive its rewards system, laced with cosmetic items, and supporting microtransactions.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

First details on the Rainbow Six Quarantine cosmetics come via /u/Zer0Bytes_ on Reddit, a reputable source of past Rainbow Six Siege leaks. The dataminer has surfaced various alleged references to game files, spotlighting a series of systems familiar to returning fans.

The dump features various strings seemingly pulled from a pre-release Rainbow Six Quarantine client, referencing the return of weapon skins, weapon charms, headgear, uniforms, and their associated rarity tiers. These four cosmetic categories previously shaped Rainbow Six Siege's reward systems, allowing players to craft identities through the items they collect. Multiple charms also reference "MTX," a common internal abbreviation for microtransaction-geared content at Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Cosmetic Leak

Source: /u/Zer0Bytes_ on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/Zer0Bytes_ on Reddit)

Each cosmetic also features "Y1_MC," potentially suggesting the same annual update structure for Quarantine. Rainbow Six Siege has reached the midpoint of Year 5, with Ubisoft hoping free updates and continued microtransactions revenue supports the title for at least another decade. Whether the same will bless Quarantine, we'll have to wait for more information over the weeks ahead.

With the digital Ubisoft Forward event scheduled for July 12, stay on the lookout for more Rainbow Six Quarantine news soon.

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