Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.1 brings further Operator changes

Following the launch of Operation Wind Bastion, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is on track to receive a new mid-season update. Bringing general refinements to the Moroccan-themed season, the Y3S4.1 Patch packs further Operator balancing, alongside gameplay tweaks and fixes.

The new patch means more changes for Wind Bastion's newly-added duo, implementing loadout tweaks for Kaid and Nomad. For Nomad, this means a switch from stun grenades to a claymore, doubling down on her trap abilities. For the claw-wielding defender, his .44 Mag Semi Auto has increased recoil and reduce damage, making for a hefty nerf. Existing Operators, Valkyrie and IQ, also see tweaks to improve overall gameplay.

The Y3S4.1 Patch is currently set for a December 17 release on PC, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to follow on December 18, 2018. As posted to the Rainbow Six blog, check the full patch notes below:



  • Visual upgrade for destruction effects and ripples
  • Visual design upgrade for Police cars.
  • Visual upgrades and optimizations have been ongoing, and the new destruction decals and police paint jobs are a part of that. Destruction decals are now optimized for 4K and come in a greater variety, and the police cars have that new car smell.



  • Nerf to .44 Mag Semi Auto
  • Increased recoil (will now be more difficult to chain shots precisely at long range)
  • Decreased damage (reduced from 74 > 54)


  • Stun grenades (3) replaced with Claymore (1)
  • The synergy between Nomad's airjabs and the three stun grenades gave her a bit too much CC utility individually. While the addition of a Claymore can provide Nomad with some trap functionality, we'll be monitoring the interactions between her gadget and the Claymore to see if this is a better fit.


  • Adjustments to Valkyrie's throw curve.
  • Throw curve now projects straight from the center of the player cam.
  • Can no longer be thrown to excessive distances.
  • We re–adjusted the new throw curves for Valkyrie's Black Eye to take original design into consideration. Valk also started focusing more on leg day for a balanced workout routine.


  • IQ's gadget now responds different to recoil.
  • After the recoil update in Grim Sky, this change was made to help optimize the interaction between IQ's gadget and the new recoil changes.


  • Fixed – Players can see through smoke VFX from smoke grenades or Capitao's smoke arrows when at a distance.
  • Fixed – Weapon Ammo counts are incorrect.
  • Fixed – Sound propagation behavior varies through destructible floors.
  • Fixed – Hibana's X–kairos and Thermite's Exothermic Charge sometimes makes little to no sound when being placed and before exploding.



  • Fixed – Kaid's statistics not properly updating.
  • Fixed – Kaid's Rtila Electroclaw can sometimes get stuck in a animation loop when destroying Mira's Black Mirror.
  • Fixed – If Kaid's Electroclaw rebounds from a surface before deploying, it can occasionally be misaligned with it's area of effect.
  • Fixed – Updated in–game stats text for electrified surfaces.


  • Fixed – Nomad's Airjab reload time is different when using the AK–74M and the ARX200.
  • Fixed – Nomad VO will provide feedback that her gadget is planted, even when it was destroyed along the way.
  • Fixed – After being pushed by Nomad's Airjab off a ledge, the animation and sound effect of when the body hits the ground are out of sync.


  • Fixed – Reticle is occasionally missing from the Holographic sight on the SMG–11 after alt–tabbing.



  • Fixed – Missing collision zone for drones and deployable shields on NE corner wall of 1F Cafeteria in Fortress.
  • Fixed – Visual ceiling texture deterioration issue in 1F Sitting Room on Fortress.


  • Fixed – Nomad's airjab, when activated, will not destroy part of the Kitchen Prep wall on 1F Main Corridor of Kafe when pushing an Operator through the wall.


  • Fixed – Echo's Yokai can be deployed on the exterior side of outside door at CC1F Machine Hallway.


  • Fixed – Renown balance does not update until user reboots.


  • Fixed – The Jackal Chibi Charm is missing textures around his visor and helmet straps.
  • Fixed – Missing Brazil Pro League Copper charm twitch drop.


  • Fixed – Houndstooth weapon skin texture does not apply properly onto guns.
  • Fixed – Skins are applying to the .44 Mag Semi–auto scope.
  • Fixed – Season Pass Damascus Steel skin is missing from Maverick and Clash's weapons.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion is now available, via a free update spanning all platforms. If yet to play, new players can get started at $30 on Amazon.

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