Rainbow Six Siege 4.2 Patch Notes live, Clash re-enabled

Rainbow Six Siege Clash
Rainbow Six Siege Clash (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is rolling out its latest update for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, delivering a second mid-season patch host to bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. Patch 4.2 places a focus on re-enabling Clash, following her removal from public multiplayer matches, amid a game-breaking exploit following the release of Operation Shifting Tides. Ubisoft also accompanies the remedy with further changes, eliminating prevalent issues around Operators and level design.

The return of Clash follows over one month of quarantine for the holiday season, as Ubisoft wrangled a nasty unexpected bug impacting her high-voltage CCE Shield. Performing certain button combinations would allow players to shoot with her shield appearing raised, with significant implications on the state of competitive play. To avoid widespread impact, Ubisoft disabled the defender until developing a fix. The full patch notes also highlight fixes primarily targeting Goyo and Mira, among other quality-of-life improvements.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 4.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise Goyo

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has announced plans to release the latest Rainbow Six Siege update, Patch 4.2, exclusively for PC on January 13, 2019. While also slated for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the team is yet to commit to a firm release date.

Rainbow Six Siege PC clients will receive the update starting 9AM ET, translating to 6AM PT, 2PM GMT, or 3PM CET. Ubisoft warns this will be accompanied by 25 minutes downtime for PC players. The full list of Rainbow Six Siege Patch 4.2 changes and bug fixes is located below, as provided by Ubisoft.


FIXED - Clash exploit

The Clash exploit is fixed with this patch and we will be re-enabling her on live for each platform as 4.2 goes out. Thank you for your patience and understanding over the holiday period!


  • FIXED - Hostage can be shot and damaged through both reinforced and unbreakable walls when placed too close to either.
  • FIXED - Some thin fragile map props are not properly destroyed when hit by projectiles and other minor prop destruction issues on maps
  • FIXED - Operator hitboxes can clip through reinforced walls and be shot.


  • FIXED - Goyo's Volcán can be destroyed and detonates when a reinforcement destroys it from the other side of the wall.
  • FIXED - Deploying a Mira Black Mirror next to a Volcán Shield placed too close to the wall can trigger the Volcán explosion from the other side of the wall. Now Goyo's Volcán will just be destroyed without exploding and spreading fire, destruction, and RFF.
  • FIXED - Volcán's explosive canister and shell will sometimes remain floating after and Ash breaching round of Mira mirror is deployed close to it.
  • FIXED - Jackal can scan footprints from the disruption radius of a Mute Jammer if he begins scanning while outside the jammer area.
  • FIXED - Wamai's Mag-Net will still draw and catch projectiles even after the destruction of the surface it is on and will detonate them in mid-air even as it is falling.
  • FIXED - Players can sometimes escape Frost traps if Finka's Adrenaline Surge is used under certain conditions.
  • FIXED - Mira can deploy her Black Mirror through a reinforced wall under certain conditions.
  • FIXED - Clash CCE Shield SFX is sometimes inaudible.
  • FIXED - Prompt to deploy Kapkan's EDD sometimes displays when running and stopping near doorways.
  • FIXED - Once Lion's scan is finished, Lion's debuff icon sometimes re-appears for a few frames for tagged players.
  • FIXED - Kali's left-hand pops in first person POV when unequipping her LV lance.
  • FIXED - Caveira's hand clips through her phone when resetting it during a Dokkaebi call.


  • FIXED - Various dynamic clipping and general clipping issues across maps.
  • FIXED - Various LOD issues on.
  • FIXED - Players can vault onto the shelves and other un-valuable assets in Day Care on Theme Park.
  • FIXED - Valkyrie's Black Eyes can be deployed inside a helmet on Favela.
  • FIXED - Gap in wall present in 2F Offices of Tower.
  • FIXED - A small gap between two walls in EXT Roof of Theme Park.
  • FIXED - Deployable gadgets float after the monitor they're placed on is destroyed in Border.
  • FIXED - Sticky gadgets remain floating after destroying a vase on in 3F Cocktail Lounge in Kafe.
  • FIXED - Light damage projectiles don't destroy the ashtray in 1F Security Room of Coastline.


  • FIXED - Various minor cosmetic modelling and shop fixes.
  • FIXED - Various minor menu and HUD visual issues.
  • FIXED - Minor animation clipping issues.
  • FIXED - Ela Elite's model outline can be seen behind the paint during the Elite Victory Animation at the end of a match.
  • FIXED - Operators' guns will sometimes briefly display on the screen when picking up Bulletproof Cams, Maestro's Evil Eye, or Jager's ADS.
  • FIXED - Snapping arm animation when close to an object while entering ADS.
  • FIXED - Spectators can see Nomad's ammunition count oscillating between the normal AK-74 ammo and the launchers ammo, when Nomad switches the gadget on and off.
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