Clash returns in Rainbow Six Siege's next update

Rainbow Six Siege Clash
Rainbow Six Siege Clash (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has detailed plans to re-enable Clash with its next update for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, one month after her removal from the multiplayer shooter. The shield-wielding defender has been the source of various game-breaking exploits since her debut, first making headlines in May, and temporarily quarantined during the opening weeks of Operation Phantom Sight. However, the release of the latest content update rekindled frustrations, as the same bug impacted the electrifying Operator.

While Clash functions similarly to attacking shield Operators, her transparent, self-deploying gadget has introduced a recurring upset. The exploit had allowed players to fire her secondary weapon with the CCE Shield still raised, with major implications on the balance of tactical gameplay. With four weeks since Clash's removal from online play, Ubisoft has unveiled plans to deploy a fix as a part of its upcoming Y4S4.2 patch.

"The Clash exploit will be fixed with the 4.2 patch and she will be re-enabled at that time," stated Rainbow Six Siege Community Manager, Jenny Feng, on Reddit. "More news on the Y4S4.2 patch will be provided later. We appreciate your patience and understanding with us through the holidays! Our girl will be back in action soon!"

We spoke with former Rainbow Six Siege brand director, Alexandre Remy, during Clash's initial May removal, expanding on a newly-implemented failsafe to tackle future exploits, and streamlining its response time. While retracted from multiplayer for a lengthy period, the new systems help reduce impact across the competitive scene.

Ubisoft is yet to provide full patch notes for the Y4S4.2 update or provide a scheduled release date. However, with Rainbow Six Siege's Six Invitational fast approaching, expect more details in the days or weeks ahead.

Matt Brown

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