Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend on Xbox and PC

Another weekend, another game to play completely free of charge! Following the recent free days to play in For Honor, Ubisoft is back again and it's brought the big guns. From May 17 to May 20, Rainbow Six Siege is free to play on all platforms. That means Xbox and PC players can jump right in, likewise if you've got a PS4 under your TV.

You will still need, on Xbox at least, Xbox Live Gold to play this game (since it's multiplayer based), but otherwise there won't be any limitations. The full game will be open, with all maps and all operators there to try out. On PC, you'll need to grab the game through Ubisoft's UPlay to get your free time and you can already pre-load it here ready to go.

The free weekend will be met with fairly handsome discounts on buying the game, too, so if you like what you're seeing, you'll be able to get 50% off the purchase price on both the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and on UPlay for PC (likewise PS4 folks will also get a 50% discount, so tell your friends!).

The discounted purchase price will be live from May 17 to May 28 on Xbox, and May 17 to May 21 on PC. Xbox players can't pre-load the game, but as soon as it goes live on May 17, you're in.

Find out more about the free weekend on the official Rainbow Six Siege site.

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Richard Devine
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