Rainbow Six Siege 'Kaid' and 'Nomad' Operators leak ahead of reveal

Rainbow Six Siege is on track to receive its next major update in the weeks ahead, with the debut of Operation Wind Bastion. Wrapping up the third year of content for Ubisoft's hit tactical shooter, early teasers are surfacing, ahead of a full reveal slated for November 18, 2018, at the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals. Now, following the reveal of Operation Wind Bastion's "Fortress" multiplayer map, the focus is shifting to its two new playable Operators.

While Ubisoft is yet to reveal the full season, new leaks via official Ubisoft channels have exposed both new characters. Trailers briefly posted by Ubisoft China and Ubisoft Latam were picked up by keen-eyed Reddit users, highlighting Operation Wind Bastion's "Kaid" and "Nomad."

Kaid is the latest defender headed to Rainbow Six Siege, packing throwable electrified gadgets. While the same high-voltage effect of Bandit's Shock Wire, it's delivered in a similar form-factor to Ela's Grzmot Mine. This could be an interesting new way to lock down walls and hatches, especially for those overhead.

Joining the attacking lineup is Nomad, seemingly leveraging a shockwave round, which pushes foes once activated. Mounted to the underside of her rifle, this appears to be an alternate attachment, like Buck's Skeleton Key shotgun.

Expect more details on both Operators in the coming days, alongside full blog post detailing Kaid and Nomad in full. Following the Operation Wind Bastion's November 18 reveal, expect a public release later this month or early December.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion: Everything We Know

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