Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight: Everything We Know

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is soon slated to receive its next seasonal update, bringing a wave of new multiplayer content for the hit tactical shooter. Tailing its blazing Australian expansion, 2019's second drop debuts a pair of fresh faces, while revisiting familiar past icons. Now revealed and primed for launch, here's everything we know so far about Operation Phantom Sight.

Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight release date

Rainbow Six Siege updates stagger over three-month periods, with a June 11 release planned for Operation Phantom Sight. Year 4 first kicked off with Operation Burnt Horizon, bringing Gridlock and Mozzie to the Rainbow roster on March 6. Now, Phantom Sight is deploying on all platforms, as outlined below:

  • PC: 9am EDT / 1pm UTC - 1 hour downtime
  • PS4: 10am EDT / 2pm UTC - 1 hour downtime
  • XB1: 10am EDT / 2pm UTC - 2 hours downtime

Once deployment concludes, Operation Phantom Sight will be playable via an update.

Phantom Sight Operators – Nokk and Warden

Previously detailed in the Rainbow Six Siege 2019 roadmap, Operation Phantom Sight will shake up gameplay with two new playable Operators, Nøkk and Warden. However, unlike prior updates themed around counterterrorism units (CTUs), Year 4 delivers several multi-unit expansions. It helps serve the game's most diverse annual roster so far, spanning seven CTUs.

For those with the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass, both Operators will be available on launch day for free. Seven days after the season's deployment, these Operators can be purchased by everyone using Renown or premium R6 Credits.

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Rainbow Six Siege Nokk

Rainbow Six Siege Nokk (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Operation Phantom Sight's upcoming attacker is Nøkk, a ghostly stealth-focused Operator under Denmark's Jaeger Corps elite special operations force. Ubisoft frames Nøkk as a mysterious undercover predator, utilizing her "HEL Presence Reduction" device to lurk among the shadows.

Nøkk carves an untapped stealth role into the Rainbow Six offensive roster, cloaked using her HEL gadget. Invisible to cameras and silent underfoot once activated, her cutting-edge, disruptive skills see evident influence from existing defenders, Vigil and Caveira. And with a growing range of cameras and roaming opportunities, Nøkk's anti-intel capabilities challenge traditional defender roles.

Phantom Sight also revives existing firearms, equipping Nøkk with a lightweight loadout for close-range encounters. The FMG-9 submachine gun and SIX12 SD shotgun deliver the stopping power, the latter a suppressed shotgun formerly used by Ying and Lesion. The D-50 Desert Eagle returns with suppressor support too, while the 5.7 USG offers an alternative for stealth takedowns.

Watch: Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight Nøkk Operator Trailer

Securing the objective and firmly holding ground, Warden's U.S. Secret Service expertise extends to his combat abilities. This suited soldier has shifted from sleek agent to defensive anchor, using Glance Smart Glasses to keep his eyes on the prize.

Warden joins Rainbow with fitting ex-spy kit, using a pair of all-seeing smart glasses to counter throwables. The lenses negate flashbang and smoke effects instantly, guaranteeing clear vision during aggressive attacker pushes. Although Warden must stay stationary and combat the gadget's timer, his three-armor, one-speed setup encourages a corresponding playstyle.

Warden also stows hard-hitting weaponry, led by the MPX submachine gun, previously seen as a top pick for Valkyrie. The M590A1 is also up for grabs alongside the P-10C pistol and SMG-12, assembling a well-rounded and adaptive package.

Watch: Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight Warden Operator Trailer

Phantom Sight Maps – Kafe rework

After Burnt Horizon's Outback, no new multiplayer maps are planned for Rainbow Six Siege in 2019. Phantom Sight will instead facilitate one of three map reworks, packing major facelifts upon the existing canvas. First up is Kafe Dostoyevsky, where Ubisoft has re-engineered the layout and identity like Operation Grim Sky's Hereford Base.

Kafe 2.0 reworked map textures and layouts, while still retaining the spirit of the original level. Among key alterations are an expanded top floor and altered skylight, improving encounters between the upper floors. This pairs with an altered first-floor staircase and objectives, improving angles around critical chokepoints with the aim of enhanced competitive balancing.

Like all Rainbow Six Siege map updates, the Kafe rework should be available for free on launch day.

Phantom Sight balancing – Glaz nerf, Operator changes

Ubisoft is also deploying its next wave of reworks, aiming to balance existing Operators and gadgets around the current state of play. After nearly three years of updates, Year 4 is primarily slated to bring major Operator overhauls, currently on track for the first half of 2019. While Lion recently secured his full rework, Phantom Sight is an ideal time for remaining changes.

Glaz will also undergo heavy modifications, with a new thermal scope only active when standing still. This prevents the more aggressive playstyle regularly used with Glaz, often overpowered due to his high-impact rifle. With Warden hitting defensive squads, the duo brings counter-smoke to both sides.

Other various Operator changes are slated for Phantom Sight, tweaking weapons and gadgets for improved balancing. Recent TTS updates have experimented with changes to Kaid, Frost, Twitch, and Pulse, although it's unclear if these will hit the final version. A formal list of changes is expected in the weeks ahead, ahead of the update's launch.

New year, more changes

With the full release of Phantom Sight slated for June 11, it's still early days for the next Rainbow Six Siege update. As new details surface closer to the debut, we'll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, drop into the comments section below with your thoughts on what lies ahead.

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