Ubisoft is kicking off its Year 4 content lineup for its hit shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. With the Australian-themed Operation Burnt Horizon fast approaching, paired with a 2019 content roadmap, anticipation grows for what's next for its tactical multiplayer gameplay.

New details on Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 plans have now surfaced, via high-resolution wallpaper posted to the game's official Twitter account. While focused on the newly-revealed team leader, Harry "Six" Pandey, its pinboard background provides an insight into upcoming Operators and gadgets.

The board's main teaser provides details the upcoming Danish Operator slated for Year 4 Season 2 later this spring. The image frames this mysterious hero as an "expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics" with the "ability to blend and adapt into an environment." It appears a new "calculative" stealth Operator is in development, likely sharing traits with Operation Skull Rain's Caveira.

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A tease of an unreleased "Proximity Alarm" can also be found under a list of electronic gadgets, mostly comprised of existing secondary tools. Traces of such a device first surfaced in 2018 through game files, likely indicating an imminent debut. Given its name, the Proximity Alarm looks to be a deployable sensor, emitting an audible alarm when foes are nearby.

Given the attention to detail for a high-resolution CGI board, it's no coincidence this information is contained within. While Burnt Horizon's Gridlock and Mozzie are yet to release, Ubisoft is already laying the foundations for what comes beyond this March.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, priced at $20.

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