Random: Here is an Xbox Series X cake

Xbox Series X Cake
Xbox Series X Cake (Image credit: EvilWorld3 on Twitter)

The Xbox Series X has a unique design that lends itself pretty well to memery, but did you ever expect it would lend itself well to confectionary? Well, now you know.

In what might be a world first (and very probably not the last), Evilworld3 showcased his baking skills on Twitter via the medium of Xbox Series X cake, complete with 12 TF of delicious spongey goodness.


Evilworld3 scores high marks for this console-turned-cake creation, with some impressive detailing. Not only do we have the disc drive, eject button, and edible Xbox logo, but we also have the perforated vents across the top, complete with the green plastic interior. While the cake doesn't match the exact proportions of the real Xbox Series X, we suspect that it may have lost structural integrity during the baking process had it been any taller. Pragmatism is sometimes the safest option, especially when it comes to cake.

The cross-section offers a glimpse at some of the layers, which appear to be suitably moist in texture. complete with what appears to be cream and, perhaps some type of marzipan filling? At a guess. Honestly, I am not much of a cake expert, if you couldn't tell.

Nonetheless, we salute your efforts Evilworld3, and regret that we are unable to sample the powerful-looking Xbox cake for ourselves.

Xbox Series X/S


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