Razer announces what may be the most kicks ass gaming laptop in the world

If you are a PC gamer, then you will probably remember the days of lugging around a heavy 10-pound machine, just so you could claim the ability to run Crysis on max settings. Gaming laptops of the past were fat, heavy, and had battery life so short that you could blink and the laptop would be dead. Now, Razer has introduced a refresh to their seemingly impossibly thin Ultrabook gaming machines.

The new 14-inch Razer Blade is similar to its last incarnation, but includes some wicked upgrades under the hood. The unit now includes 8 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD, an Intel Core i7 CPU with quad cores, and an NVidia GeForce GTX 870M with 3 GB of RAM.

The smaller Blade unit did not just receive an internal upgrade though; the screen now features ten-point multi touch and a 3200 x 1800 resolution. Razer is happy to quote the new Blade as the highest resolution 14-inch notebook on the planet, which is technically true – but smaller machines, such as Lenovo’s 13-inch YOGA Pro or Samsung's ATIV Book 9 Plus have hit the same resolution at smaller screen sizes and thus more pixels per inch. Likewise, Dell has an XPS 15 machine also with a 3200 x 1800 resolution. 

If you prefer the larger 17-inch Blade brother, known as the Blade Pro, then you will be excited to hear that the larger unit has also received a few upgrades – despite no touch screen. The new model now supports up to 16 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD, an Intel Core i7 CPU with quad cores, and an NVidia GeForce GTX 860M with 2 GB of RAM.

Razer is not a cheap company, but many gamers will swear by their lives upon the machines. If you are interested in picking up the 14-inch Blade unit, it starts at $2,199. If you are interested in picking up the larger 17-inch Blade Pro unit, it starts at $2,299. You can visit Razer's website by clicking here (opens in new tab) or read today's press release here (opens in new tab).

Do you have a Razer gaming laptop – what do you think of it?

Michael Archambault
  • "Crysis on max settings"? Never happened :P
  • I remember when I got my first PC that could run Crysis. I thought I was the man.
  • Nice!! I'll start doing the lotto to buy one lol !!
  • Lol, my work laptop is just as good. Its all that with Nvidia K2000M video card. (Lenovo's W530)
  • But does it look like that? That's the impressive part of it. Although im sure Apple have been wanting to sure Razer since they first launched.
  • Still waiting for Europe distribution. I know it's pricey. Mostly due to razer mark and being a small company, but it's just tons better than the highest macbook pro, and in my opinion the best windows 8 notebook.
  • At least Razer puts the specs into it unlike Apple, where they mark-up an originally $899 laptop to $1299 :P
  • I'm with you. The only problem of the previous version was the lack of touchscreen, but it's now fixed! I would rush to the store to buy this thing. Wouldn't even care if the SO and keyboard where american. There might be a way to get it from the United States but it would be a pain if something breaks or malfuctions... BTW Razer already sells Mouses, Keyboards, Headphones, etc. in Europe (ate least in my country). Why not laptops and tablets?
  • My understanding is that they are trying to set up an European center in Germany to give support for blades, since the problems with Europe are that there's the need to give warranty service locally (I'd hate to send the laptop to USA). At least according to an interview few months ago. Also, they would need to pump up the production and they are still a niche company. Since this might be my engineering grade gift, I could not mind the absence of Italian characters, since the letters are disposed the same way. I'd just like to have an European centered warranty service. Anyway. They keep stating they're working hard to release it in Europe, and I hope they'll be able to, at least next iteration.
  • I'll stick with my Alienware 17. Razor laptops aren't really easily upgradable.
  • True, it's a tradeoff for the design they're using. Everyone has their own preference.
  • You should stick with eurocom if you think of upgradability.
  • Same here. Though my biggest complaint about mine is the weight (9lbs) and the thickness of it. Though it is a beautiful laptop that's for sure. I have a feeling that running games a QHD will put a lot of stress on that gtx 870 and would be surprised if it can run any games on max settings. So far my M17x (with the 780m) can run 90% of top games on max settings over 40fps.
  • over 40fps - what a joke
  • are you high? 40fps isn't acceptable in gaming. 60 is the bare minimum and even that is pushing it.
  • Can it run Crysis?
  • But will it blend?
  • I don't understand why companies go mostly in but then leave out that one feature. Like touch screen on the big boy? .... Also. What's the difference in the graphics cards? Why the big boy got 2gb ram not 3 like the smaller one?
  • Because this laptop is built for a high-end gaming experience, not a tablet-like experience. This laptop already carries a hefty price tag and a touch screen would just be an added cost that isn't really needed for what this machine is trying to accomplish.
  • it is a 14" touch screen.. check the website for specs
  • I doubt you'd ever need 3GB vRAM at that resolution. You only need that much for multi monitor displays, or maybe 3D. Never cared to look into 3D gaming...
  • video ram isn't about the linear frame buffer anymore. 1920x1080 is 2 megapixels at 32 bits(4 bytes) = 8MB. 8MP (4K displays) would need about 32MB for the frame buffer. Instead that ram is used for textures, geometry, pixel shaders. If you use a modern version of windows, the windows themselves are rendered seperately into the vram. This is why you can drag a window accross the screen and its buttery smooth. Even a lot of 2D games use 3D graphics and all of that needs vram. However due to the fact that most games are still lame xbox 360 ports 2 vs 3 GB isn't going to matter much. Once the new generation of gaming takes off (I don't even consider titanfall to be nextgen) then it will matter.
  • I doubt you will ever see that generation. PC market is going down fast, while console gaming is slightly increasing. Thus it is much easier and cheaper for the game developers to port console games to PC and it is getting even more reasonable each year. PC exclusive games will be provided mainly from indies. So don't expect big game studios release non-ported games to PC, which means that cutting edge games is less likely to be released until consoles catch up with PCs. Consoles require quite big investments in personel, programmers and tech, thus indie games are rare there, so nobody could turn the trend "consoles first".
  • Building a gaming desktop is the only way to go. It'll have a longer lifespan (assuming you'll be upgrading parts eventually) and will be loads cheaper in the end.
  • Unless you want portability, which Razer's laptops certainly have.
  • My tower is portable enough for the odd LAN party. I would tend to agree that a Desktop gaming rig for the majority and the gaming laptop for a large minority.
  • It's hard to fit tower pc into backpack along with monitor and other peripherals. Also laptop can be kept on a table in living room while pc requires a separate desk.
  • It depends, but actually I'd say right now it's the other way around, at least from what I've seen (at the University I work at lots of students have gaming laptops, and I've seen quite a few on planes as well).
  • implying upgrading single unit would make sense. like - having new PCIe Ports - having new ram, having a new socket for the CPU, needing more Watts on the power supply. so actually the only thing you can keep upgrading pcs are the ssd and dvddrive and of course the tower (if the new stuff fits in )
  • There's a reason gaming laptops are so big... it's called heat and they generate lots of it so they need to displace lots of it, hence big cooling ports and fans. That is very challenging to do in a small form factor and I have a hard time believing they found a way to adequately cool this laptop when running hard for extend periods of time.
  • It cools roughly the same way the Macbook Pro's cool, except these laptops also have vents on the bottom that suck in air.
  • Razer kinda listen to critica to its products (hence new screen) and while it never caused an acutal issue in the machine (no drop in performance nor damage) heat was a problem on usage as some parts of the alluminium case were pretty hot. They might have enanched this.
  • Unfortunatle they didn't ear some of us asking them to release their laptops in Europe :/
  • If you buy it from a US merchant and have it shipped, do you get to avoid the VAT? If so, seems like it would be worthwhile.
  • No, Tax and "entry toll" have to be paid (not quite sure about the english word). Also in Europe we have different keyboard layouts. Unfortunately it isn't that simple...
  • Hoping they would make a 15-inch with touch screen.
  • Il buy Xbox One instead with hell lot of games and Xbox live gold membership.
  • In the end though you could get many, many more games at amazing prices on Steam. Plus you wouldn't have to pay for Gold. I'm not trying to change your decision, I think the Xbox One is great, I'm just pointing something out.
  • +One. Good point.
  • I think he's alluding to the hefty price tag which you need to plunk down at the outset to get it.
  • which games excatly would you play on the xbox when its a superior gaming plattform?
  • Nope.
  • I would've gotten this if it came out end of 2012! I got the surface pro 2 instead. Oh well. In 3 years or so, I might get the latest model.
  • Gorgeous! I hope Razor branch out to offer slightly less spec packed machines (at a lower price) as even with just a standard i5/8GB/128GBSSD/FullHD/GeForce7** it would still be a great choice for a laptop. Though I suppose they have to get their money back from the amount they spent getting the exact type of green made for their custom USB ports! ;)
  • I wish they'd start dumping, so that it would start a price war for high quality laptops and PCs. :)
  • whats the battery life ? 
  • Really? Who cares about battery life when you are buying a gaming laptop. The battery is mostly as backup when the main power fails, since you would burn through it quite fast when gaming. Even if it has swichable graphics I would not expect more than a few hours even with non-gaming use.  
  • It was a nice machine, but a bit too expensive..
  • Holy moley! My project manager has the previous Gen and loves it. I was about a few weeks out from caving in... But looks like I might wait just a tad longer.
  • Awesome Display, but gaming in native resolution is not possible...
  • A much better choice, imo, would be the Aorus X7.
  • What's a blade? A tablet with sharp edges? Just a marketing word?
  • So a bigger 17" laptop has a less powerful video card than their 14" laptop? I'm not impressed by Razer and won't buy the 14" regardless of its price. How does it handle heating?
  • I want one
  • At those prices I would rather get an Alienware laptop than a Razor one. The only minus of Alienware is that since R2 they stopped offering a Bluray Burner option.  
  • Razer!
  • Its a Razer..... if their laptops are the same crappy build quality as their mice/keyboards etc etc then no thank you. I'll stick with Asus for gaming laptops.
  • If they put a Yoga like hinge on it, so I could actually put it in tablet mode and use the touchscreen, id actually buy it.
  • I really, really, really want a 15" yoga. I mean a real one not the fake one that only opens 300 degrees. I don't care if its gaming or not. I game on my desktop anyway. But noooooo we wouldn't do that because we like to copy crapple's too small laptop designs. I also don't like the resolutions these days. 1368x768 is too small, 1920x1080 is too big. I used to see 1440x900 and LOVED it, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  • 14" sucks. Its too small. 15" is a requirement for me. Even then I still prefer my desktop's dual 24" 1080p and single 27" 1440p monitors. I like it large and you just can't do that on a laptop.