Razer Electra V2 review: A great starter headset for PC and console

When you think of Razer it's easy to think of Chroma, Chroma and more Chroma, and that even stretches to headsets like the Man O War. By contrast, the Razer Electra V2 is somewhat ordinary looking.

There's no flashing lights, you connect to your PC or console using a cable and it doesn't cost a lot of money. The last of these is important because if you want a good headset that doesn't break the bank, the Electra V2 should be on your shortlist.

What you'll love about the Razer Electra V2

Electra V2

The Electra is a headset for console and PC gamers, as well as being compatible with mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. It handles all of them thanks to a combined 3.5mm jack. If you're on PC however with a split headphone and microphone input, you get the necessary splitter cable included in the box.

  • 40 mm drivers
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Removable boom mic
  • 3.5 mm combined audio jack

On the PC you also get 7.1 virtual surround sound that gives you a great soundstage of the action all around you. It's particularly useful in today's crop of popular battle royale games, and the 40mm drivers help deliver powerful sound.

The Electra really brings the boom as well. There's a lot of low-end, so when things are exploding, you'll feel it through your ears. When using the Electra as headphones it turns into a tad bass heavy, but it doesn't feel over the top.

And you can use the Electra as a set of over-ear headphones without looking ridiculous. The boom mic detaches completely and even though there's no in-line remote you can control the volume via the slider on the left earcup.

Electra V2

Perhaps the best thing about the Electra V2 is how comfortable it is. Following the recent trend, the head strap is suspended below the frame of the headset so it just rests against your head and adjusts width ways without needing to slide anything.

The earcups are large and soft and trimmed in a leatherette material. They form a decent seal against outside noise and you'll be able to sit for hours in a long gaming session without any real fatigue.

What you'll hate about the Razer Electra V2

It's great that the microphone detaches on the Electra V2, but what's not so great is that it detaches really easily. There doesn't feel like there's a great deal of resistance, and I've knocked it out a couple of times while adjusting it. Not a dealbreaker, and if you're gaming on PC at least you're still going to get a better sound from an external microphone.

The cable is probably the only part of the Electra V2 which I'd say was bad. It tangles really easily, whether it's connected to a controller or a phone in your pocket.

On PC, it's OK, especially if you're using the splitter cable which extends it even further. But when it's connected to an Xbox One controller it gets really tangled up if you don't pay attention and keep untangling it. The cable also doesn't detach so if you toss it in a bag, expect a messy time when you take it out.

Bottom line on the Razer Electra V2

Gaming headsets can cost a pretty penny, but in the Electra V2 you get great gaming sound in a package that costs only $60.

The cable is annoying and if you do use the microphone you'll probably knock it off a fair bit, but neither of these are deal breakers.

It's a quality, well-made product that looks good, sounds great and is really light and comfortable to wear over long periods. Everything you want from a gaming headset, but without any flashy extras you may or may not use.

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