The Razer Epic Gaming Bundle is a perfect starting point or a great gift

Epic Gaming Bundle
Epic Gaming Bundle (Image credit: Razer)

Cynosa Chroma

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PC gaming has often been misunderstood as having to be some incredibly expensive hobby, especially compared to console equivalents. While it's true that in almost every case, your total spend will be higher, PC gaming doesn't have to cost a fortune.

It's also true that buying hardware at the budget end of the spectrum is far from a bad thing. All of the leading players have good quality, budget-friendly hardware nowadays, like Razer. And in Razer's case, there's the new Epic Gaming Bundle which is both a great place to start out or a great gift idea for the special gamer in your life.

One box, much hardware

Kraken X

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The idea behind the Epic Gaming Bundle is that in one box, you've got all your essential gaming peripherals covered off. It's a nice idea, especially at holiday time, and inside you'll find four top-quality, beginner-friendly bits of kit.

  • Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard
  • Razer DeathAdder Essential mouse
  • Razer Goliathus Mobile mouse pad
  • Razer Kraken X Lite gaming headset

In the UK — a bundle without the headset is available in the U.S — all of this costs just £110, which is less than buying one of the company's high-end Nari headsets on its own.

That also puts into perspective that while it's easy to be distracted by the shiny things with all the features and the high price tag, you really don't need to spend that much at all.

Good price, good gear

Cynosa Chroma

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Everything you're getting inside the Epic Gaming Bundle is good. None is especially new, with the Kraken X Lite being the most recent release (and one I'll be reviewing shortly), but each other item is something we've used and reviewed in the past and recommended as good buys.

The Cynosa Chroma isn't a mechanical keyboard, but as far as membrane keyboards go, it's one of the best. It packs the same sort of design language as Razer's more expensive mechanical keyboards, tosses in the iconic Chroma RGB lighting, and finishes it off with a little water resistance.

I used a Cynosa Chroma for some time as my everyday work keyboard on that last point alone, and it certainly earned its keep. But standing up to spilled coffee isn't what really makes it stand out. The keys feel superb to type on, and since it's a membrane, it's certainly quieter than most gaming keyboards while still having key features like disabling the Windows key, secondary and macro functions, and ten key anti-ghosting.


Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The Razer DeathAdder needs no introduction. Indeed, I've written previously about my eternal love for this mouse. In this bundle, you're getting the Essential version, not the Elite, but it's still a superb mouse. The biggest differences to the Elite are two less programmable buttons, a 6,400 DPI sensor compared to 16,000 in the Elite, and you don't get Chroma, only a single green illumination.

But it's still an accurate, supremely comfortable mouse to use for work and play. And once calibrated in the Synapse app for the Goliathus Mobile mouse pad also included, you're all set. There's not a lot to say about the Goliathus other than it's all I've used for years.

A pretty good deal

In the end, the Epic Gaming Bundle is a pretty good buy. You'll save a little over buying each item separately, and for the budget-conscious gamer or someone new to PC gaming, the selection is excellent. This would make an awesome gift this holiday season.

In the UK you can pick up the bundle from Currys PCWorld for £110, while in the U.S. a similar bundle, just without the headset, is available at Best Buy for $75.

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