Razer is out with a trio of new gaming peripherals today, with the focus purely on its entry-level lineup. In all, there's a new BlackWidows Keyboard, Kraken headset, and the Basilisk Essential mouse.

Superior gaming action

Razer BlackWidow Keyboard

Razer Blackwidio Keyboard 2019

The latest version of the BlackWidow keyboard is a slightly stripped down version of the BlackWidow Elite but still manages to pack in all of what Razer deems essential to a gaming keyboard experience. The BlackWidow is equipped with Razer's Green mechanical switches, which are designed to provide a "tactile and clicky" feel.

Rated at up to 80 million keystrokes, the BlackWidow supports Chroma lighting with up to 16.8 million colors, cable routing, and a gaming mode option. Also included is onboard memory and cloud storage with support for up to five profiles. And, of course, the BlackWidow is compatible with Razer's Synapse 3 software.

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Razer Blackwidio Keyboard 2019

The new BlackWidow is available starting today at Razer's web store for $120.

A gaming mainstay

Razer BlackWidow Keyboard

Chroma for days.

The Razer BlackWidow is a gaming mainstay at this point, and its latest iteration is no exception. While it may be a more simplified version of the BlackWidow Elite, you still get plenty of Chroma and Razer's Green mechanical switches.

50mm of pure sound

Razer Kraken headphones

Razer Kraken 2019

The Kraken line is also seeing an update with a follow-up to the Kraken Pro V2. Simply called the Razer Kraken, the headset includes 50mm drivers, an improved retractable microphone that should cut out more background noise, and a thicker headband padding.

Razer Kraken 2019

The ear cups are covered in a moisture-wicking breathable fabric, with cooling gel padding below. There are also inline mute and volume controls, and the headset is available in a Quartz Pink edition.

The new Razer Kraken is available starting today at Razer's online store for $80.

Green with envy

Razer Kraken

Release the kraken.

The latest version of the Razer Kraken gives gamers a refreshed entry point to Razer's headset lineup. Along with the green version, Razer also has a console-flavored version with a black exterior and blue highlights

6,400 DPI

Razer Basilisk Essential mouse

Razer Basilisk Essential 2019

Finally, rounding things out is the new Basilisk Essential mouse. The design is the same as the original Basilisk, and it contains seven configurable buttons and mechanical mouse switches rated at up to 20 million clicks.

On the side is a multi-function paddle, which can be programmed for everything from quickly switching your DPI to setting a shortcut for abilities in games. Chroma lighting is supported here with up to 16.8 million colors and the mouse can be managed via Razer Synapse 3.

Razer Basilisk Essential 2019

The Razer Basilisk Essential is available today at Razer's online store for $50.

Clickety click

Razer Basilisk Essential

Battle with the Basilisk.

The previous Basilisk mouse was no slouch, and the Basilisk Essential carries that design forward with a cheaper entry price. With customizable side buttons and Chroma support, the Basilisk Essential brings Razer flavor without breaking the bank,.

Alongside all of the peripherals announced today, Razer has also expanded its RazerCare Elite Protection Plan to cover peripherals. Coverage includes surge protection and accidental damage protection, and pricing ranges from $10 to $46 depending on the price of the peripheral.

You can find out more about enrolling in RazerCare at Razer's official site.

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