Razer joins forces with CyberPowerPC on Chroma-infused custom desktop PCs

If you've ever wanted to inject even more Razer into your desktop setup, a new partnership between the gaming brand and CyberPowerPC can make that happen. Both companies have teamed up to introduce a new "designed by Razer" case, complete with the requisite dose of Chroma lighting, available with custom builds from CyberPowerPC.

The case itself looks relatively slick, featuring a custom version of CyberPowerPC's P400 with a jet-black exterior with a backlit Razer logo emblazoned prominently up front. As you'd expect from a gaming case, there's a side window for viewing your rig's guts through its tempered glass. And for Chroma fans, the case can be equipped with Razer's recently released Chroma hardware development kit, which adds a bit of extra custom lighting effects to the case's interior.

This is obviously one of those things that will only appeal to major fans of the Razer brand, but it's an interesting option nonetheless. Razer and CyberPowerPC say that you'll be able to start ordering built-to-order PCs with the new case from the CyberPowerPC website starting in October.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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