Strange but true: Razer Kraken headphones allegedly save a person from a stray bullet

Razer Bullet
Razer Bullet (Image credit: Enough_Dance_956 / Reddit)

What you need to know

  • A stray bullet went through a bedroom window.
  • The person was wearing Razer headphones at the time, and the bullet hit the headphone band, glancing off.
  • Images of the incident were posted on the Razer subreddit.

Call it good luck, and no, this doesn't appear to be an April Fool's Day joke: Imagine sitting in your bedroom, likely gaming or listening to music with some Razer headphones on, when a stray bullet crashes through your window and hits you in the head, except instead of being injured, you walk away because you were wearing those headphones.

That's the tale from Enough_Dance_956, who shared their story on the Razer subreddit with a bevy of photos as evidence of the incident. From the original post:

… wednesday morning at 10:30am a stray bullet went through my window and hit the razer headphones on top of my head. if it wasn't for the headphones made with good quality i would've been a dead kid at the age of 18. i couldn't even imagine all the pain my family and friends would've been through.

The lucky survivor noted, "it came from a block away. it was a stray bullet. someone with bad aim almost killed me while i was just taking to my friends… the bullet went through my window into my headset and bounced off the wall and landed in my bed. we waited for the cops to take it" in a follow-up comment.

The incident happened in Torrance, California and the headphones are the original black Razer Kraken's. Not bad for $79.

Some noted that there was no corresponding hole in the mesh screen, questioning the poster's claims. However, looking more closely, you can see where the mesh is expanded and the bullet entered (everyone suddenly turned into a ballistics expert, as one does on the internet).

The story does seem implausible, but stranger things have happened. In a follow-up post, Enough_Dance_956 posted a few more photos, including of the bullet itself and the dent in the wall where it later allegedly ricocheted off of before landing.

Of course, there is the question of whether any high-quality headphones would have worked here instead of the Razer ones, which seems likely. Nonetheless, it shows you that even the most minor details, like the best gaming headset, can significantly impact one's life.

Razer has reportedly reached out to Enough_Dance_956, saying it is glad they are OK, and offered to replace his headset. However, Enough_Dance_956 turned them down as they just wanted to thank the company.

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