Razer to open new flagship store in London on December 14

Razer London
Razer London (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer's new brick and mortar store will open in Central London on December 14.
  • The first in Europe and also the biggest RazerStore to date.
  • Razer joins Microsoft opening flagship brand experiences in London in 2019.

Razer's British fans have been crying out for it for long enough, and finally it's almost happening. On December 14, the latest RazerStore experience will open in Central London close to Leicester Square on Charing Cross Road.

Not only this but the London RazerStore will be the biggest the company has opened to date and has been designed as the "pinnacle of Razer's retail presence."

Set across two floors, the RazerStore London will naturally be a chance for fans and newcomers alike to get their hands on every single piece of Razer hardware and test it out for themselves. But it's not just a store that exists to sell products, instead an interactive experience akin to that of Microsoft's recently opened London store not far away.

One floor of the store will be dedicated to a LAN area, console play stations and even a dedicated, fully enclosed streaming booth. Razer is hoping to host regular tournaments, workshops and bootcamps for gamers of all levels to get involved with.

The RazerStore London will open to the public at 10am on December 14, and fans are invited to go down and check it out and take part in the launch day festivities. For more information and to register head over to the dedicated Eventbrite page.

Richard Devine
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