Razer rides the April Fools wave with a sassy robot pal

That doesn't mean the internet isn't full of wonderful (and terrible) attempts at bringing a little bit of parody to your feeds on this momentous day.

Minecraft showed off its Mine & Craft 80s style handheld gaming system, Bing gave us a glimpse at a giant meerkat, Google stuck PacMan into their mapping platform. One of the best efforts that we've seen so far, however, came from Razer.

Dubbed the S.A.i.S.O, Razer took it to the next level by unveiling a pint-sized robot pal to help you with day to day tasks.

"Say hello to S.A.i.S.O. – your walking, talking new best friend with a dynamic personality shaped by your interactions with him every day. He stays woke so you don't have to; he'll refuse to let you snooze when you have important things to wake up for. He's an amazing mobile security system – like a dog that can livestream. Your dog. Dawg.He's loyal only to you – but cool with everyone else. Other smart assistants and AIs are built to be your digital slaves. But S.A.i.S.O is your sidekick AND your sensei; he'll call you out on your bulls#it and tell you what you need to hear, even if it's not what you wanted."

S.A.i.S.O will help you pwn n00bz, git gud, wrek scrubs, praise the sun, all while spouting various other dank gaming memes. S.A.i.S.O. will help you celebrate the corporate assimilation of internet culture, or at least it would if it were real. Sad face.

Have you seen any good April Fools pranks on the net today? Link them in the comments. Or don't, no pressure.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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