Razer Star Wars Storm Trooper keyboard, mouse are the accessories you're looking for

As Star Wars fans across the globe gear up for Star Wars Day on May 4, Razer is getting in on the act thanks to a sweet partnership with Disney. Launching today are the BlackWidow Lite, Atheris, and Goliathus Extended Storm Trooper Editions.

And, man, they're badass.

Give your setup a bit more Storm Trooper

Razer Star Wars

None of this trio of products is new, they're all an existing part of Razer's lineup. What is new is the officially-licensed Star Wars paint jobs that make them stand out a whole heap from everything else Razer makes.

The Goliathus Speed Storm Trooper Edition is the extended, desk-filling mouse pad, adorned now with the most sinister looking five-piece boy band you ever did see. Design aside, it's one of the best mouse pads around, and this variant has a smooth surface for effortless mouse gliding.

The Atheris Storm Trooper Edition mouse quite simply looks like a Storm Troopers helmet. The body is all white with gray rubber grips on each side. It's incredibly compact and makes a great mouse for use with a laptop in particular.

It promises up to 300 hours of use from a single pair of AA batteries, and in the Synapse desktop app, you can help prolong this for as long as possible by telling the mouse to shut down when it senses it hasn't been used for a certain period of time.

It can also operate over Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless, which is a nice touch.

Razer Star Wars

Completing the set is the Blackwidow Lite Storm Trooper Edition. Again, there is nothing new on the hardware front, it's all cosmetic. Once again it's a black and white affair, with the famous Storm Trooper adorning the right-hand side.

The Blackwidow Lite has Razer's silent mechanical switches, but also includes a bag of O-rings in the box to add additional damping if you wish.

The braided cable is black and white and is removable, and one thing that long-time Razer fans might be surprised to hear is that there's no Chroma. Again, this is no different than the regular Blackwidow Lite, but on this version, in particular, the white LED backlit keys really look fantastic.

Razer Star Wars

The Storm Trooper Editions will all be available beginning May 3 in the U.S., UK, France, Italy, and Spain. The Goliathus Extended costs $35, the Atheris is available for $60 and the Blackwidow Lite costs $100. If you want all three you can get them at a discounted bundle price for $176.

May the Force be with you!

Richard Devine
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